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Women's March Defends Indicted 'Sex Workers Rights Are Women’s Rights'

Members of the so-called “Women’s March” have a history of defending some pretty odious people and causes, including cop-killer Assata Shakur, Sharia law, and the country’s leading anti-Semite, Louis Farrakhan.

But just when you though these shameless gals couldn’t get any lower, they lowered the bar.

Women’s March organizers are now decrying the federal seizure and shutdown of sleazy classifieds site, calling it “an absolute crisis for sex workers” in a statement posted on their Twitter account. Last week, was indicted on conspiracy, facilitating underage prostitution, and money laundering charges.

The 93-count federal indictment accuses Backpage founders Michael Lacey and James Larkin plus five others of trafficking young girls — some as young as 14 — on the site through ads. has allegedly received over $500 million in prostitution-related revenue.

In the name of “female empowerment,” the consistently wrong-headed and foul “Women’s March” complained that the seizure of Backpage would create a “crisis for sex workers” because they rely on the site to get in touch with their clients:

The @WomensMarch Twitter account directed followers to a pathetic, rambling thread from @BYP100, a self-described “activist, member-based organization of Black 18-35 year olds dedicated to creating freedom & justice for all Black people through a Black Queer Feminist Lens.”

You’ll no doubt be shocked that they managed to racialize the seizure of Backpage:

It goes on and on like that, but you get the idea.

According to court papers: “Many of the ads published on Backpage depicted children who were victims of sex trafficking. The reality is that Backpage has allowed such ads to be published while declining — for financial reasons — to take necessary steps to address the problem.”

They can pretend they’re about protecting women/transgender/gay rights all they want, but THAT’S what the Women’s March organizers are actually defending.