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AG Sessions: FBI’s Use of Anti-Trump Dossier to Obtain FISA Warrant ‘Will Be Investigated’

AG Sessions: FBI’s Use of Anti-Trump Dossier to Obtain FISA Warrant ‘Will Be Investigated’
Attorney General Jeff Sessions attends a news conference at the Department of Justice, Thursday, July 20, 2017, in Washington. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Sunday revealed that the Justice Department will be investigating the FBI’s use of the Clinton Campaign-funded anti-Trump dossier to obtain a warrant to surveil campaign adviser Carter Page before the 2016 election.

“That will be investigated and looked at,” Sessions said during an interview on Fox Business’ “Sunday Morning Futures.”

“Are you, sir, investigating the fact that the FBI used the dossier to get a wiretap against Trump associates and they did not tell the FISA court that the Democrats and [the] Hillary Clinton [campaign] paid for the dossier?” host Maria Bartiromo  asked.

“Let me tell you, every FISA warrant based on facts submitted to that court [has] to be accurate,” Sessions replied.

“That will be investigated and looked at, and we are not going to participate as a Department of Justice in providing anything less than a proper disclosure to the court before they issue a FISA warrant. Other than that, I’m not going to talk about the details of it, but I tell you, we’re not going to let that happen.”

Republican lawmakers for months have been calling on the attorney general to appoint a second special counsel to investigate reports of widespread corruption, obstruction, leaking, surveillance abuse and collusion within the DOJ and FBI.

Sessions did not give any details about any potential or ongoing investigations, but Fox News’ Sean Hannity Monday night found his comments to be very significant.

“What I’m hearing is that if you lie to a FISA judge, withhold information (a footnote that says it might have some political connections — is not that the other candidate paid for these lies),” Hannity said, referring to the dossier. “So I took that to be a very serious shot across the bow.”

“The real story … that we have to get to the bottom of, are the leaks out of the White House,” Fox News national security strategist Sebastian Gorka noted. “There are 27 criminal referrals at DOJ looking into the leaks — including the leak of the phone conversation between Michael Flynn and the Russian ambassador — serious national security investigations!” he explained.

Gorka also pointed out that the DOJ has been looking into the Clinton Foundation and the Uranium One scandal.


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