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The People's Cube Purged from Wikipedia

It’s the type of authoritarian overkill renowned satirist Oleg Atbashian has been spoofing at his blog The People’s Cube for years.  For some nefarious reason, after about nine years of existence, the leftists at Wikipedia have have decided to completely scrub The People’s Cube entry from Wikipedia.

“Congratulations, comrades. We are now officially a non-site populated by non-persons sharing non-thoughts and making non-jokes,” Atbashian wrote in a post at The People’s Cube  “It makes me feel right at home, back in the Soviet Union, where an invisible hand obstructed any of my efforts to manifest my existence. How liberating. No visibility means no responsibility. Out of sight, out of mind.”

First the Wiki-prog-editors defaced it by removing all the valid content and references, leaving only disparaging language. Then they voted to delete it altogether because there was no valid content and references left.

Atbashian suspects that the purge may be related to his arrest at George Mason University (GMU) last November.

The conservative satirist was arrested and released on $8,000 bail for putting up pro-Israel posters to combat an upcoming pro-Islamist conference at GMU. He now faces the prospect of five years in prison for allegedly committing a “class 6 felony.”

“Back in my Soviet dissident days, when I was collecting signatures in defense of Andrei Sakharov, I was screamed at, threatened, and lectured by the KGB and Communist functionaries,” Oleg said at the time. “What I never imagined was that in the United States, the land of the free, I would not only be subjected to similar treatment, but go to jail.”

The hearing has been set for February 14, 2017.

“Removing all information about me and my projects from history will definitely diminish my notability and visibility before the hearing,” Atbashian told PJ Media. “One of the first things they did was they added the GMU controversy to our Wikipedia page, and then little by little they removed everything else from the page as irrelevant, and after that they voted to delete the page altogether as lacking notability.”

“The Left has become more militant than ever,”  Atbashian wrote in his post at The People’s Cube:

The Wiki-progs started by vandalizing the TPC page by rewriting and removing the language, claiming that it had been disjointed and confrontational. When our volunteers offered a better version, the Wiki-progs blocked it for a phony “copyright infringement” because my bio was copied from a now defunct website. When that was taken care of, they started claiming that there were no valid references from “reliable third-party sources,” while at the same time removing all existing references to sites like the American Thinker and others, because they represented some right-wing fringe. E.g., they removed Thomas Lifson’s, Michelle Malkin’s, and Rush Limbaugh’s quotes about the Cube on that premise.

In other words, their excuses kept changing while the goal to do us harm remained the main focus. It’s similar to how the Soviet media treated Solzhenitsyn, turning him into an non-person. If Wikipedia existed back then, these guys would have rephrased and deleted everything on Solzhenitsyn’s page, reducing it to one line: “Ex-convict, traitor to the Motherland, wrote anti-communist lies.” And then, because it failed to establish notability, they would have deleted the page altogether.

According to Atbashian, the “Wiki-Progs” are now going after The People’s Cube’s prequel, “Communists for Kerry.” 

The Wikipedia commissars seem to be very serious about rewriting history. Last week they have deleted The People’s Cube page, and now they’re pushing for the deletion of its prequel, Communists for Kerry.

The live version of the CFK site exists as the main page only (it can be restored from the archive, but that requires some work). However, it is still very much browseable in Wayback Machine, albeit the images load a little slower. Click here – archived Communists for Kerry.

As Atbashian told PJ Media, “The culture wars have only intensified since Trump was elected, and the progs have gone berserk, attacking everything in their sight.”

Usually a little sunlight sends progressive cockroaches running for cover. Let’s hope that with a little media attention, Wikipedia rethinks the unwarranted purges of The People’s Cube and Communists for Kerry.