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MSNBC Viewers Given Trigger Warning Before Viewing RNC Anti-Hillary Buttons

Pass the smelling salts.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow had to offer a trigger warning to the gentle souls who watch her show Wednesday night before showing images of RNC swag. You see, MSNBC’s special snowflake viewers might have felt “uncomfortable” or even gotten woozy and swooned at the sight of the anti-Hillary buttons that were on sale at the convention.

The admittedly crass  buttons included some that read “Hillary for prison” and “Vote no to Monica’s ex-boyfriend’s wife in 2016.”

Maddow warned sensitive viewers, “You may find it uncomfortable. And so, you may not want to look at this stuff. But these are some of the pins that are being sold at the venue.”

She added sanctimoniously, “But from calling Hillary Clinton a b*tch, to the KFC special referring to her breasts and thighs and left-wing and all of those other things. That’s part of the merchandise of the RNC.” Maddow didn’t approve of some of the pre-printed signs either: “We’ve also seen pre-printed signs saying ‘Hillary Clinton for prison,'” she noted.  “We’ve seen calls from the stage that she ought to be in stripes, that she ought to be locked up.”  (Not a shocking sentiment given the fact that Hillary’s had a federal indictment hanging over her head for most the year and only escaped prosecution by the skin of her teeth for reasons no one can adequately explain.)

As Newsbusters points out, while the use of profanities and vulgarities toward people in public life is certainly inappropriate, that has never stopped the folks at MSNBC before.

Former network anchor Martin Bashir in 2013 wished that someone would defecate and urinate on Sarah Palin.

In 2008, then-anchor Keith Olbermann accused George W. Bush of “murderous deceit” and told the Republican to “shut the hell up.”

In 2016, Chris Matthews slimed that Ted Cruz “operates below the level of human life.”

To name just a few examples.