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DOJ Staffer Tweets Snark About Melania Trump on Official Twitter Account

Last night, a staffer for the Department of Justice posted a revealing tweet on the DOJ’s official Twitter account that was soon deemed “inappropriate” and removed.

According to Twitchy, the staffer — perhaps one of the “career independent attorneys” Attorney General Loretta Lynch is always talking about — thought he was posting to his personal account:

The tweet revealed that the staffer was obviously delighted with CNN’s anti-Trump bias, and had no problem sharing his delight with his like-minded coworkers. According to the Hill, the staffer has since had his or her DOJ social media access taken away:

The agency said it has revoked the staffer’s access to all Justice social media accounts.

“As a result of this incident, the Office of Public Affairs has implemented procedural changes to the way we use our social media accounts and will provide additional social media training for employees,” the agency said. “The Justice Department takes this matter very seriously and will continue to take the appropriate steps to prevent it from happening in the future.”

Not mentioned? What the agency plans to do about the blatant anti-Republican bias that exists within its ranks, and about any possible collusion they may have with their allies in the media.

And there certainly is nothing to be gleaned from this regarding the DOJ’s decision not to indict Hillary Clinton.

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