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Pro-Trump Strategist Plots Plan to Prevent CO, WY Delegates From Getting to Cleveland

A pro-Trump strategist is calling for “extremely aggressive actions” in order to help Donald Trump win the nomination — actions that include building a team of  aggressive pro-Trump groups that include bikers, truckers, and unions to sabotage Colorado’s and Wyoming’s delegates’ efforts to attend the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. The posts appeared in the online webzine “Trump Magazine,” which is run by Gary Forbes of the Forbes Group. Forbes is a self-proclaimed “conservative strategist,” but his thug tactics come straight out of the far-Left’s playbook.

His plan starts with recruiting volunteers to create a database of the targeted delegates which would include “names, addresses, tel #, digital photographs, place of employment, and family members, etc.”

The Forbes Group is seeking volunteers who are fed up with the gross corruption of the GOP in both Wyoming and Colorado, to compile a database of those leaders who have betrayed the people by denying them their right to vote, as well as all delegates who believe they can vote for whoever they decide they want on their own. The database should include names, addresses, tel #, digital photographs, place of employment, and family members, etc.

He instructs the bikers to visit the delegates at their homes:

We are looking for patriot bikers who are fed up with the unfair practices of the Republican party. You, and a sizable group of bikers will be responsible for visiting the homes of party leaders who have defied the will of the people, and the homes of delegates who have not been authorized by the people to vote in the upcoming GOP convention, to hand-deliver letters to all of these leaders and delegates.

If you are outraged by what is happening in both of these states (the GOP denying the people the right to vote), write us now and say “I’m a biker and I want to help stop the corruption by the GOP!”

In a separate post, Forbes offers his pro-Trump volunteers a number of “creative” suggestions designed to prevent the delegates from getting to Cleveland.

We are urging groups in both states to organize and mobilize against this complete, blatant corruption, by making a stand. The delegates chosen in these states without any elections, MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO VOTE. Folks, it is too late to try to correct the processes that these sleazy politicians are using against us. We must find our own ways. Here is what we suggest…

Build a team of aggressive pro-Trump groups including bikers, truckers, unions, support groups, etc. and DO NOT LET THESE PEOPLE MAKE IT TO CLEVELAND IN JULY.  Be creative. Find any legal means to see to it that they don’t even make it to the airport. Block streets with traffic jams. Find out their flights and hotels and figure out ways to cancel their tickets and reservations.

If you do not want this election to be stolen from us, you and your teams must take extremely aggressive actions. Please leave prevention ideas below as comments.

Forbes also outlines his plan in a post at the Gary Forbes blog, where he instructs his biker/trucker/union goon squad to notify the “high-risk delegates” with menacing messages via certified mail:

…that We The People will be expecting them to vote exactly as we sent them to, and that if they defy the will of the people by voting otherwise, no matter what the GOP rules suggest— we will deem their defiance an act of treason against our country. Let them know there will be extremely serious and unrelenting consequences.

Note that Forbes acknowledges that there are GOP rules in place that allow delegates to switch their votes at the convention on the second ballot. Therefore, his efforts to prevent the process from proceeding as it was designed is nothing more than a vicious intimidation campaign that comes dangerously close to political terrorism. It is unworthy of any Republican — especially a self-proclaimed conservative.