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Final Review of Clinton's 'Top Secret' Emails May Wait Until After Election

The State Department may not finish its review of Hillary Clinton’s top-secret emails in time for the general election in November, spokesman John Kirby said Tuesday. “We’re not going to rush judgment of any of these things,” he told reporters.

Associated Press reporter Matt Lee asked Kirby: “Can you commit to getting the results of this review into the top secret, into the classified … before there is a general election in this country?” But Kirby rejected the idea that elections should determine when the review is completed.

“I’m not going to commit to a specific timeline. The secretary wants this review done thoroughly and accurately and efficiently, and he’s not going to allow himself or the process or the department to be driven by the political calendar on this,” the spokesman said.

That stands in contrast with the federal judge who ordered the more than 30,000 messages released to the public. Judge Rudolph Contreras said there was intense voter interest in the messages, and that’s one of the reasons he ordered them all to be released by the last day in February. That was a day before the Super Tuesday slate of primaries, which marked the biggest single day on the nomination calendar.

Video via the Washington Free Beacon:

The State Department review is one of four federal investigations into Clinton’s private email server. Additionally, several congressional committees are also conducting investigations into Clinton’s  unorthodox and possibly illegal email arrangement.