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John Kerry Meets With Hollywood Execs to Plot Narrative Counter-Attack on ISIS

When it comes to the War on Terror, the Obama administration has always been more about messaging than action.

That’s been most evident here on the home front where U.S. military analysts say their reports have been altered in order to conform with upbeat public statements made by members of the Obama administration, including the president himself. Whistle-blowers have been saying for months that their reports were skewed to present a rosier picture of the U.S.-led operation against the Islamic State (ISIS), than what was actually occurring on the battlefield. In 2015, while ISIS terrorists were supposedly being pummeled every day by Obama’s pro forma bombing campaign, the terror army managed to hang on to key territories across Iraq and even expand its territory into neighboring Syria.

Now the administration is reaching out to Hollywood to see if studio executives can help them fool ISIS and their supporters into thinking that they’re on “the wrong side of history” or something. Via The Daily Mail:

The Secretary of State posted a picture of the 90-minute meeting with the heads of 13 production companies including Disney, Warner Bros, DreamWorks, and 20th Century Fox at Universal’s Los Angeles headquarters on Tuesday afternoon.

Making the administration’s desperate bid to combat the ISIS propaganda machine all the more pathetic is the fact that the secretary of state proudly tweeted about it to let ISIS know we’re super-serious.

The administration is seeking to counter the ISIS propaganda machine because it is seen as “their most powerful weapon against the West.”

From its headquarters in a two-story residential building in Raqqa, Syria, the media division oversees hundreds of recruits — mainly foreigners — who have been put through two months of military training and a month of media training, the Post investigation found.

The newspaper interviewed seven men once affiliated with the terrorist group and its incredibly well-oiled media division who are currently serving or have served time in Morocco jails. It revealed propaganda drives everything they do.

Once approved, the media recruits are put on a lucrative salary, with free state-of-the-art equipment shipped in from Turkey (including a Canon camera and a Samsung Galaxy), then start receiving daily assignments.

My idea to counter the ISIS propaganda machine is pretty simple and doesn’t require any assistance from Tinseltown. All it requires is a U.S. Air Force fighter aircraft and the coordinates of that two-story residential building in Raqqa, Syria, that serves as their propaganda headquarters.

Unfortunately, Obama refuses to let coalition forces attack cities, because he worries that collateral damage and civilian casualties will feed into the enemy’s propaganda machine. This of course has encouraged ISIS militants to occupy more populated areas. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but it seems to me that the most effective way to beat the terrorists is to kill them.

Instead, the Obama administration has doubled down on their failed “countering violent extremism” strategy which has condemned millions of people to subjugation, torture, torment, kidnapping, rape, murder, and refugee status. And so far, there’s not a happy ending in sight.