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The Luciferian Left

The minions of the Left will never stop in their efforts to undermine the Republic. They will try everything — historical revisionism, bald-face lies, blatant slander, racial discord, judicial usurpation of presidential authority, political witch hunts, voter fraud, illegal immigration, climate change, green energy, media disinformation, open borders, transnational globalism — to impose a vision on the world that in every attempt, without exception, has led inexorably to tyranny, state-sanctioned murder, economic collapse and human misery.

The lessons of history have no meaning for them. They regard themselves as uniquely exempt from the past, as if they will triumph where their predecessors have miscarried and aborted. This is why the Left cannot be treated with or engaged in reasonable discourse. No counter-argument, no matter how factual, how meticulously researched, how rational or sensible, can ever hope to gain purchase on minds steeped in ideological prejudice or influence hearts shadowed by moral darkness.

Proponents of one of the most vicious oxymorons of the day — democratic socialism — the Left will lobby for income redistribution, social projects that cannot be paid for, a command economy, the equality-of-outcomes program at the expense of merit, the unkeepable promise of “free stuff” for all, the assault on traditional marriage, the glorifying of radical feminism, the attack on the Constitution, the shutting down of debate, digital “deplatforming” of opinion, the imposition of an info monopoly, and of course the insemination of socialist doctrine and anti-American calumny into the minds of the young and the naive. All such projects are plainly associated with the Democratic Party.

Along with such efforts and programs, we should also count the promoting of identity politics. As Dinesh D’Souza convincingly shows in his recently released Death of a Nation, the Democrats were “the political champions of slavery” and have today shifted their original ethos into a system of “multicultural plantations involving every ethnic minority group,” especially Black, Hispanic and Native American. One might also add the Islamic enclave to the list. This is “slavery” of another stamp, economic and entitlement indenture to assist, by the amassing of votes, in the Left’s takeover of the nation.

Its mandate is Luciferian, as Saul Alinsky in the dedication to his influential and seditious manual Rules for Radicals has made clear. His Lucifer is not Milton’s. It is Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot, Che Guevara, Fidel Castro and other such be-slimed specimens of humanity — not a fallen angel but a risen devil. It is George Soros and Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, “Prada socialists” who would bring a great nation to ruin. It should not be permitted to operate unhindered under the rubric of democratic freedom. If it cannot realize its diabolical mission by revolutionary violence, its intent is to erode a democratic polity from within.

This was well understood by the cultural Marxist Antonio Gramsci who, realizing that economic Marxism and the labor theory of value were a dead letter as an engine for revolution, advocated the long march through the institutions, subverting a nation through the gradual infiltration and ultimate annexation of its institutional and cultural foundations: the schools, the media, the judiciary, the entertainment industry, and the political establishment.

Regrettably, the Left has largely succeeded. One can no longer read a newspaper or watch a news program with even a modicum of confidence in journalistic fair-mindedness and objectivity. One cannot go to see a Hollywood movie without being subtly propagandized. One cannot expect one’s children to receive a serious, non-partisan and knowledge-based education — children who will graduate as indoctrinated incompetents, otherwise known as millennials. One cannot assume that one’s legislators have mastered the Constitution, let alone read it — though, as noted, many progressives would weaken or abolish it if they could. One cannot trust the majority of one’s Congressional representatives.

Moreover, the Left has infected the very medium of communication, language itself, redefining words, prescribing against common usage and reversing standard meanings. What we call political correctness is nothing but a campaign to render people defenseless by depriving them of their semantic guns, that is, to deny the right of the people to keep and bear words.

Clearly, what you can’t name can’t be resisted or fought. The language we are compelled to use, whether by law or as a function of customary discourse, will not correspond to reality: intellectual honesty is bigotry, political freedom is fascism, social clarity is racism, moral commitment is fanaticism, biological fact is sexism, gender is socially constructed, masculinity is toxic, monogamy is antediluvian, tradition is archaic, truth is hatred. These are the demonstrably Orwellian wages of having allowed the Left to pursue its agenda.

Over the years when the Left was gaining ground, conservatives were mainly AWOL and the Republicans were busy ignoring their base. Thus we have arrived at the eleventh hour. To ask “Where will it all end?” is merely rhetorical. We know where it will end — in Zimbabwe or Venezuela or Sweden or Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn’s United Kingdom. The nation is now tuning on a historical pivot. As acclaimed historian Victor Davis Hanson writes in an essay titled “The Origins of Our Second Civil War“, “We are now nearing a point comparable to 1860.”

This is why it is a catastrophic error to regard the Left and its outriders — Liberals, Progressivists — as comprising a legitimate political movement. It is not. It is a force for evil wherever it trains its ideological weaponry and needs to be institutionally quashed. It is the very antithesis of what we once understood as classical liberalism, under whose tolerant protection it will undo every good that liberalism ever accomplished. John Locke and John Stuart Mill will have been superseded by Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Maximilien Robespierre.

We cannot temporize with a totalitarian dispensation and hope to arrive at a modus vivendi with it. Lucifer is cagey and will use our good intentions against us. He will deceive and eventually corrupt us. The Luciferian enterprise must be put to rest, not by fashionable lament and verbal hand-wringing but by determined political, legislative and institutional action. There are issues to be investigated that involve the integrity of top-tier state agencies, and Democrat malefactors to be prosecuted at the highest level. There are guerilla outfits that need to be classified as domestic terrorists. The media needs to be brought in line with the SPJ code of ethics. The entire educational system cries out for sweeping reform. Retribution should be swift and presidential action decisive. Article 3, Section 3 of the Constitution can be invoked when necessary. That’s why it’s on the books.

Resisting the Left, urges Christopher Chantrill, is the obligation of “every American mind”; it is time to be “going on the attack … defeat[ing] the Democrats in the midterms, and the next presidential election.” This is all well and good, except for two obvious factors: the Left will not go away but will persist in its campaign of subversion regardless of the political environment, and at some point it will win a presidential election. The “attack” needs to be more dramatic.

As Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Kentucky Resolutions (1798): “[I]n questions of power then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.” It is plausible to suggest that the preservation of the Republic now requires Constitutional intervention and mischief-makers to be clapped in Jefferson’s “chains.”

We would do well to heed Friedrich Hayek, who argued in The Road to Serfdom: “We must retain the belief in the traditional values for which we have stood in the past and must have the moral courage stoutly to defend the ideals which our enemies attack.” To defend effectively is to counter-attack not only electorally but constitutionally and with legislative and judicial purpose. Failing which, by our inaction and complacence, we will in essence have collaborated with the Luciferian Left, ushering in a polity in which, as Hayek reminds us, the free individual is enslaved by a totalitarian regime.

We have been warned.