Libs of Tik Tok Founder Faces Death Threat


Calling out the left for its foibles comes with its risks. You can look at social media or the comments of any conservative media outlet to see what leftists have to say about the right. Then, of course, there’s cancel culture, which threatens the livelihood of many a conservative.

And sometimes conservatives face death threats. The anonymous creator of the enormously popular Libs of Tik Tok is the most recent example of someone on the right facing a death threat.

On Friday, she posted this screenshot of a DM she received on Twitter (and yes, I’ve edited it for content):


The sweetheart who sent this message to Libs of Tik Tok has recently changed her handle to @Skyracergirl and made her tweets private. As you can see above, her bio reads, “Yo, my name is Jamie. I enjoy video games, reading, drawing and getting to know people although I am pretty shy. That’s all you need to know!”

Apparently, she’s not too shy to threaten the Libs of Tik Tok founder.

But that’s okay because Libs of Tik Tok has made her famous — or infamous. “@FBI @FBIMinneapolis this is the woman who threatened to murder me,” she tweeted to authorities, along with this photo from the formerly public Twitter account:


Later on Friday night, Libs of Tik Tok tweeted, “I just spoke with the police. I’ll keep you all posted when I have updates.”

The outpouring of support for Libs of Tik Tok was overwhelming enough for her to post one final tweet for the night:

As of this writing, there are no updates on any investigations or further threats, but we’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, pray for the safety and protection of the Libs of Tik Tok creator.