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VIDEO: Black Philadelphia Woman Cries Out for Security to Quell the Riots

VIDEO: Black Philadelphia Woman Cries Out for Security to Quell the Riots
Screencap from Twitter video.

So here’s what’s at stake in all of the neighborhoods now afflicted by riots and looting, beyond the obvious defense of human life.

Years ago, in the early 2000s, when I worked in Washington I used to drive through a neighborhood of row houses on the way to NASA HQ. There were empty, hollowed-out brick buildings, storefronts, offices, and homes, with boarded windows on both sides of the street. The buildings had been damaged in a riot and were just never used again.

That riot was in 1967.

Decades later, full recovery still had not come.

In the nation’s capital.

The ongoing riots are destroying neighborhoods where people live, work, go to school, and play. It will take them decades to recover. If they ever do.

What business would want to invest in an area that will not be kept secure? Who would want to live there?

This woman in Philadelphia gets it. As do the vast majority of Americans.

The unrest ceased being about the murder of George Floyd a while ago. They are now about nihilism. They are about looting a moving train, not to get food for your family, but to score a big screen TV. Yes, really — looting a moving train. About snagging Gucci and Louis Vuitton bags and clothes.

And about imposing an anarchic, yet ironically fascist, political system on a free nation that will never vote it into power. As I write, they’re escalating in Philly again.

That woman in Philadelphia every other peaceful person across this country deserves to see law and order restored.


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