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CENSORSHIP: Is Amazon Suppressing a Comic Book Parodying Democrats In Search Engine Results?

CENSORSHIP: Is Amazon Suppressing a Comic Book Parodying Democrats In Search Engine Results?
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A new comic book that satirically mocks Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee and leader of the House Democrats’ drive to impeach President Donald Trump, may be falling victim to suppression by Amazon in search results.


The newly released comic, “Little Adam Schitt,” authored by Martin Gregg, lampoons Schiff and top Democrats’ relentless, ongoing attempts to remove President Donald Trump from office.

“‘[The book] is a dead-on satire of the hapless witch hunt that has been relentlessly waged by Democrats since before the day Trump was elected. In the comic, the parodic title character and Nancy Pelosi team up and wage a crusade to lie their way to impeachment,” the book description states. “Meanwhile, our Republican leaders work to get things done for America, despite everything The Loser Left does to obstruct the President’s conservative agenda. It’s a funny and informative romp through the ridiculous accusations of the Democrats, and the righteous battle fought by conservative warriors who stand up to their idiocy!” The book’s cover depicts the California Dem seated on the loo. A quick search shows Amazon offers all manner of toilet-related humor and gift items. So that’s not the issue.

Nowhere will the paperback book appear in Amazon’s search engine results. The word itself does not appear to be blocked or censored. Searches for the word “schitt” turn up the TV show Schitt’s Creek and some audio products.

Amazon seems to have a sense of humor, too. Who doesn’t want amps that “Sounds like s…?” As a drummer myself, that’s the very first thing I look for…and they’re highly reviewed. Amazon search results


Instead, a children’s documentary called the Invisible Essence: The Little Prince appears as the top result on Amazon when typing in the title of the new comic. Amazon’s search return adds the phantom “m” as well.

“Amazon does not seem like me calling him ‘Little Adam Schitt,'” Gregg told PJM on Friday.

Gregg argues that consumers can expect Amazon to suppress conservative products and viewpoints, because its own the company’s CEO, Jeff Bezos, who also owns The Washington Post, hates Trump, Gregg argued.

“The fact that a comic book is getting hidden in search results because it isn’t friendly to the Democrats is not shocking given the fact that Amazon’s Jeff Bezos owns the Amazon Post, sorry meant Washington Post,” he said.

The evident suppression of the book is more proof of Big Tech wielding their market dominance to censor conservatives, Gregg continued.

“Devin Nunes’ tweets about real corruption get shadowbanned, but Louis Farrakhan can tweet the vilest and most despicable comments about Jews and it is considered free speech. Free speech should apply to all, not just to Democrats,” he said.

The purging of conservative Twitter accounts, Facebook’s algorithm “tweaks,” Google, and now Amazon’s routine manipulations of search results are designed to obscure and conceal news and ideas that challenge the narrative of the cultural left and ensure inconvenient events for progressives are shoved down the digital memory hole, the right-wing author argued.


“Anything that is anti-Trump is fair game,” he said. “Anything pro-Trump is ‘propaganda’ – all the jobs numbers and the low unemployment rate. As well as the judges, trade deals and the stock market — that is all not real it is right-wing propaganda. Did you know that the Republicans somehow hacked into all the major indexes and made the numbers go up? It isn’t real.”

Gregg said he wrote the book because the battle between good and evil is playing out every day in Washington, just as it does in comics.

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