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'Rachel Levine Is a 4-Star Admiral' Is Our 'Caligula's Horse Is a Senator' Moment

'Rachel Levine Is a 4-Star Admiral' Is Our 'Caligula's Horse Is a Senator' Moment

Legend holds that the deranged Roman dictator-emperor Caligula elevated his favorite horse, Incitatus, to the rank of senator. This historical tale has survived the ages to become a metaphor for abuse of authority. People generally assume that Caligula’s motive for this stunt was simple madness, but looking deeper, one finds a more sinister rationale: Caligula’s threat to elevate Incitatus to the rank of consul (an honorific usually granted to loyal senators) was at once a debasement of the office, a potent demoralizer of Roman patriots, and a flex of raw power.

The mad emperor had already proven himself a bloodthirsty purveyor of torture and state-sanctioned murder; who would dare to oppose his plans for Incitatus?

Comparisons between the United States and the collapsing Roman Empire are plentiful, and Tuesday’s swearing-in of Rachel Levine as the Historic First! (everyone do a shot) “female” four-star admiral is a perfect modern-day version of Incitatus’ elevation.

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The primary target of the Levine appointment is one of the globalist left’s favorites: the U.S. military. To begin with, Levine does not have a military background or record of service. His elevation to such a high military rank—clearly a political appointment on the basis of being a transgender woman—is galling to actual soldiers and sailors, to say the least.

Second, the military has always been one of the most conservative organizations in the country, and it’s doubtful the rank and file are big transgenderism supporters. But in Biden’s new woke military, they can either salute whatever absurd flag is run up the flagpole or face severe consequences.

Medical professionals and scientists who don’t hail politically approved Science! are also given notice by this ludicrous appointment. The U.S. Public Health Service Ready Reserve Corps, which Levine now heads, has played historic roles in combatting infectious disease outbreaks, including a deployment of one-third of its personnel during the Spanish influenza outbreak. We are now told we are in the worst pandemic since then, and the USPHSRRC’s new leader is … a pediatrician. A pediatrician who flouts basic biology and psychiatry, at that.

The final target, of course, is the average, sane, patriotic American. Any day Big Left can debase a tradition or office that normal Americans long to revere is a good day for them. And even supporters of transgenderism can’t possibly hold much enthusiasm for Levine. At least Caitlyn Jenner looks stunning, for crying out loud. Make an effort, Rachel.

Historians mostly agree that Caligula never actually fulfilled his threat to appoint Incitatus as consul (although he did make the stallion a priest). The point is that the emperor was so powerful and feared, he could freely caper about Rome, trampling on custom, ceremony, tradition, and mercy. The American Left’s wanton display of power over the rest of us has reached a level on par with that of the depraved and corrupt government of the late Roman Empire. Maybe it’s time to stand up and say that a horse shouldn’t be a senator.

(NOTE: This article should not be taken in any way to suggest Biden—or anyone else—should meet a similar fate as Caligula. Violence is not an acceptable form of dissent. Speak up, say out loud what everyone is thinking, vote, and volunteer to secure the election process.)