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Here's How Identity Politics Set Kamala Harris Up to Fail

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, Pool

Despite abandoning her pitiful presidential campaign with almost no support among her own party’s voters, Kamala Harris was nevertheless the most obvious vice-presidential choice due to the narrow parameters— black, female — Team Biden inexplicably confined itself to last summer.

Still, she was the worst option.

Harris is a terrible politician who’s never said anything useful or informative. She is unpleasant and so unpopular she’s now damaging the administration, which is likely why disingenuous apologists turn to ad hominem attacks to defend her.

As I wrote last fall, then-president Donald Trump and his acolytes should have made the 2020 presidential election about her, not Joe Biden, because no sane person likes Harris, which is why there was nothing surprising in a now-famous CNN piece about her failures.

While I have no sympathy for Harris, since she long ago proved to be a mean-spirited hack at confirmation hearings and debates, the evidence clearly shows identity politics hurts those, like her and Biden, who embrace it. Progressives are so inept they injure their own movement to advance people based on skin color and gender over merits.

Had Harris not been chosen as Biden’s running mate solely due to box-checking, “she would’ve remained in a far more advantageous position, keeping a position in the Senate that would be nearly impossible for her to lose,” Alexandra DeSanctis wrote Thursday.

“She was already a media darling, popular among progressives for her supposed ability to ‘own’ conservative nominees during hearings,” the National Review writer added. “Rather than winding up in a position with little chance to showboat or collect media accolades, she might’ve remained right there, where her lack of popularity with the national electorate was essentially irrelevant. In a backwards way, Harris finds herself holding a position in which she’s ill-equipped to succeed precisely because of identity politics, which motivated Biden to pick a running mate so ill-suited to the job.”

Yes. If you put someone who is ineffectual and insecure in a prominent position, he or she will likely fail, but also come across as entitled to that particular role and to certain treatment.

This was not a promise Biden needed to make, yet his options were limited once he promised his party of bigots a “woman of color” as second in command.

Now the left is reaping the whirlwind of failures. The administration is reluctant to place Harris out front because she’s so bad at what she does.

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And really, how does someone with a compliant media get down to 28% approval as vice president? The inherent dislike of Harris is, of course, not because she’s a woman or minority, but because she’s Kamala Harris.

That voters abhor this nihilist also gives me hope.

She is a generational disaster for Democrats because Biden, now 79, is a weak president. The scary aspect, however, is she’s next in line for the crown.

Can Democrats extricate themselves from their self-inflicted trouble?

I doubt it. The party fears any consequences of denying a multi-ethnic woman her entitled crown more than defeat in 2024, and surely more than America’s future.