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Hypocrisy? Tens of Thousands Jet to Big Climate Summit in Scotland

Hypocrisy? Tens of Thousands Jet to Big Climate Summit in Scotland
Kin Cheung

Most right-thinking folks realize that the climate change agenda is more about politics than actual concern over long-term environmental damage. And actions continually show this.

“The British and Scottish governments, serving as hosts, are expecting up to 30,000 official attendees — who will be meeting indoors, huddling in tense talks, for hours and hours a day, from Sunday to Nov. 12 and potentially longer,” the Washington Post recently reported. “It will be the largest summit ever hosted in Britain. Organizers are scrambling to make sure the conference does not morph into a so-called super spreader event.”

First off, I am glad the newspaper mentioned “super spreader,” since that term usually is ignored when left-leaning groups are involved.

While United Kingdom representatives could arrive via car or train, the preponderance of attendees will jet into Scotland. Most of those flights will generate more carbon emissions per passenger than most Americans generate in two weeks.

And of course, President Joe Biden’s climate envoy, the haughty John Kerry, must travel by private jet, which emits as much carbon in an hour as the average American generates in six weeks.

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For 20 months, almost everyone in the world — aside from Democrat politicians — forewent in-person meetings and even family gatherings to connect via Zoom and other online meeting tools.

But the elites who claim to care most about the environment need to fly to Scotland and back for their grand summit. Any contradiction between their words and actions?

By now, I suppose we are accustomed to government officials demanding that citizens make sacrifices in the name of “saving the planet,” but maybe one day they can lead by example.

Even sympathetic people realize that the inordinately long event, as usual, will accomplish next to nothing — other than some mindlessly regressive Big Oil bashing.

Kudos to Rep. Byron Donalds (R-Fla.) for standing up to the environmental lobby