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Democrats, Media Try to Take Over Elections, Republicans Fight Back

Democrats, Media Try to Take Over Elections, Republicans Fight Back
AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Seeking solutions to non-existent issues, Democrats pushed a “voting rights” bill last week, but Republicans did not fall for the it.

Under the guise of so-called election integrity, the left hoped to federalize voting laws and effectively take over all U.S. elections.

When the specious effort failed, Vice President Kamala Harris’ new “image consultants” told her to throw a temper tantrum, and corporate media followed her narrative.

The Washington Post quickly published multiple whiny editorials demanding an end to or weakening of the filibuster, so Democrats can push any legislation they seek through a 50-50 U.S. Senate.

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Purposely or not, mainstream coverage failed to mention the bill would wipe out state voting laws requiring photo identification and disallow states from requiring photo IDs, a rule in two-thirds of states that has strong public support.

Mitch McConnell was on to it. This troubling feature of the bill was the first item the savvy Senate leader used to justify his objections, saying it had the “same rotten core” as previous Democrat election takeover bills.

“As long as Senate Democrats remain fixated on their radical agenda, this body will continue to do the job the framers assigned it and stop terrible ideas in their tracks,” McConnell concluded.

Proponents of the legislation, like the left-wing Center for American Progress, drew minimal attention to the facts involved, failing to mention voter ID abolishment in its write-up.

News outlets? They didn’t shed much light on the issue either.

The New York Times, as one might expect, incorrectly described the bill, claiming it would “mandate that voters provide some form of identification before casting a ballot.”  The Washington Post embarrassingly didn’t mention it at all. Both outlets quoted McConnell’s “rotten core” statement, but offered readers little background on the claim.

So Democrats remain out of touch and thus against common sense photo-identification requirements, since they know most press will obfuscate their legislation’s shortcomings, causing casual news consumers to lack necessary information.

Nobody can credibly participate in today’s society without some form of photo ID. If Democrats sincerely believe Americans are denied photo IDs because of their skin color, why not put a stop to that particular injustice? But do not force states to change their election laws.