Target Continues Woke Crusades, Gives Another $100 Million to 'Black-Led' Organizations

Target Continues Woke Crusades, Gives Another $100 Million to 'Black-Led' Organizations
(AP Photo/Brynn Anderson)


Target says they want to help “everyone thrive” but the company continues to shovel money into projects that benefit only one demographic group.

The Minnesota-based retail giant announced Tuesday it will invest $100 million solely in “Black-led organizations” during the next four years.

The woke expenditure, aimed at programs that “work to elevate Black voices,” will be made “to help fuel economic prosperity in Black communities across the country,” according to a pathetic blog post from corporate headquarters.

Since George Floyd’s death nearly 17 months ago, Target’s leadership has attempted to assuage its white guilt via an obsession with black organizations.

“As one of the largest retailers in the U.S., we know we have the responsibility and opportunity to use our resources to help end systemic racism and accelerate economic prosperity for Black communities,” Amanda Nusz, senior vice president of corporate responsibility and president of the Target Foundation, mumbled with clichés. “With this commitment, we aim to support the next generation of Black talent, expand the impact of Black-led movements and voices, and create economic opportunity in Black communities across the country.”

I’d wager $1,000 that Ms. Nusz cannot coherently explain or give actual examples of “systemic racism” in 2021 America.

Target pledged to provide scholarships to students who attend Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Additional funds would sponsor programs such as the PBS NewsHour series “Race Matters,” which is watched almost solely by virtue-signaling white liberals.

Last year in the wake of Floyd’s death, the left-wing company quickly doled out $10 million to groups advancing so-called social justice causes across the country.

Earlier this year, Target said it would spend $2 billion partnering with black-owned businesses by 2025 by increasing the number of products it sells made by those businesses and working with “diverse” contractors.

The nine-figure handout announced Tuesday is in addition to the aforementioned efforts.

Target has an infamous history of partisan crusades on cultural flashpoints. This is the same company that went gender-neutral on toys in 2015 and stopped allowing Salvation Army bell-ringers at their stores.

They currently want to hire 100,000 seasonal workers for the holiday rush. Imagine if Target invested a fraction of this money into employee salaries, or supply chain remedies, rather than divisive causes that will help very few.

Target says they seek to “co-create an equitable future for all.” Again, it seems they are only concerned with some groups.