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[WATCH] Fox News Reporter Rips White House for Lies and Misinformation About Border

Screenshot via Twitter

While most of the Biden administration and corporate media ignored the southern border crisis until PBS leftist Yamiche Alcindor began circulating fake news about “whips,” Fox News has been offering its viewers award-winning coverage, most recently led by newcomer Bill Melugin.

Melugin is a hard news guy, but when White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki yet again smugly deflected Peter Doocy’s serious questions Wednesday with a flurry of lies and redundant cliches, Melugin was asked about it. Standing in front of the squalor of the international bridge on Del Rio, Texas, for yet another day, Melugin coherently explained the fiasco that Psaki, President Joe Biden, and vacuous Vice President Kamala Harris refuse to witness or acknowledge.

See for yourself:

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