Meet the Last Jewish Person in Aleppo

Jewish people have been living in Aleppo, Syria, for over 3000 years, until the recent ISIS insurgence. This year, the last Jew in Aleppo was 88-year-old Mariam Halabi, and plans were put in place for her to flee. She safely made it to Israel, thank God. So, along with the other misery wrought on Aleppo, the Jewish community has been eradicated.


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WATCH: Jews lived in Aleppo for 3000 years. But not any more. Here's the heartbreaking story of how the city's last Jewish family survived the bombs and then escaped to Israel.—> if you love seeing the day's most powerful stories, you will love This Explains That — so like our page now

Posted by This Explains That on Tuesday, January 3, 2017


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