Infiltrating a Pro-Palestinian Rally

Peace activists attacked at Palestine Solidarity Rally

Israel Advocacy Movement peace activists infiltrated an anti-Israel protest outside Downing Street to hand out flyers promoting Israel and peace. Once our activists were identified they were subject to a prolonged physical and verbal assault, with the usual tirade of antisemitic abuse.We would like to thank the Metropolitan Police for doing an incredible job at preventing BDS thugs from inflicting extreme violence on our campaigners.We would like to thank all the activists that took part Ben Gross, Micha Shtiebel, Andrew, Chloe and Joseph. We would also like to thank David Collier who did an incredible job covering the protest and Ishmael Sali for coming down by himself (not knowing we'd be there) to protest against the PSC's hatred.

Posted by Israel Advocacy Movement on Sunday, July 10, 2016


They peacefully tried to infiltrate a pro-Palestine rally… Take a guess whether they were met with a peaceful response.



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