Photo Caption Contest Winner: Huffington Post and PJM Both Agree That Holder Should Resign

Huff hilder

Thanks to all who played along with our latest PJM Photo Caption Contest.

Due to the front page of the May 23rd Huffington Post one would think that by now Attorney General Eric Holder would have been fired or resigned and inked his deal as MSNBC’s new on-air legal consultant.


Silly for me to assume the Huffington Post’s call for Holder’s resignation was going to be President Obama’s version of when President Johnson lost Walter Cronkite’s support for the Vietnam War on-air in 1968.

However, as of this writing, Holder remains AG because he is a Democrat, and a friend of President Obama’s — even though Holder’s many missteps include accusations that he perjured himself before Congress.

Just for fun, imagine if Alberto Gonzales, President George W. Bush’s Attorney General had been accused of Holder’s growing list of wrongdoings?  The calls for Gonzalez to resign would be 24/7 howling across every media platform.

So, as a way to vent all the anger Republicans feel about the double-standard currently on display in our media/political axis, this photo caption contest was held as a public service.

There were many creative entries and, as usual, it was difficult to pick a winner, but here is my attempt to honor the best of the best.

Grand Prize Winner(s):

Holder didn’t know and Hillary says it doesn’t matter and nobody told Obama.

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. Also known as the Helen Keller Defense of tyranny.


Eric Holder and his hard leftist Department of Just Us, where Animal Farm and 1984 are training manuals.

All three winning captions were submitted by cfbleachers.

For those who are new to our contest, cfbleachers was our first “Caption King” (recently dethroned by Chris Henderson.) But for this contest he came roaring back to re-claim the crown that his brilliance forced me to create a few years back.

Congratulations cfbleachers!

(Full Disclosure: Yours truly and cfbleachers have never met but have arranged to sit together on the “Red-state” train heading to a future Obama-nation “re-education camp.” However, this on-going arrangement does not influence the judging.)

Honorable Mentions:

Submitted by rbj: Wait, so pajama wearing bloggers were right all along?

Submitted by Bpseudomalleus: After all this I HAVE to run for mayor of Chicago.

Four winning captions were submitted by another “Caption King” named RockThisTown:

‘And now the end is near, and so I face the final curtain . . . ‘

“I hope I don’t have to wait until Dec 2016 for Obama to pardon me . . . ”

“Yes, in hindsight, the underwear bomber was improperly briefed before questioning.”


“Please, all I ask is that you do not waterboard me.”

Chris Henderson, our newly dethroned Royal Caption King (but still an ordinary King) had two winners:

Oh No, HuffPo says Holder must go, so below the bus “O” will throw.

Eric Holder prepares to do his best John Mitchell impression.

Finally King cfbleachers, (just to show off) submitted this priceless little ditty sure to hasten the arrival of the train taking us to Camp Obama-nation.

There once was a lawyer named Holder
Who had a very big chip on his shoulder
Our Constitution’s in peril
His attacks have been feral
Because all the pages he’s burned do still smolder.

See you all next time a photo (or a web-site home page) is worthy of a PJM Photo Caption Contest!





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