New Photo Caption Contest: ‘Organizing for Action’ Inaugural Edition

Perfectly timed for the start of the Inaugural weekend is the announcement that the President’s never ending campaign organization, Obama for America, formerly under the umbrella of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is now transforming into Organizing for Action and will sever ties with the DNC. (Just how ticked off is DNC Chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz?)


 From Politico:   

President Barack Obama on Friday announced the relaunch of his remaining campaign apparatus as a new tax-exempt group called Organizing for Action that will “play an active role” in “mobilizing around and speaking out in support of important legislation” during his second term.

The photo for our caption contest was posted yesterday, front and center on the Drudge Report, with the headline “High On His Power.” This was a quote from newly minted Texas Senator Ted Cruz, from this piece in the Weekly Standard.

Republican senator Ted Cruz of Texas said Thursday that Barack Obama is “high on his own power” with regard to the president’s announced efforts on gun control. Speaking on Laura Ingraham’s radio talk show, Cruz, who was just elected to the Senate last November, said “this is a president who has drunk the Kool-Aid.”

These two separate news items, coupled with President Obama’s rather strange hand gesture, means that you should all have an “inaugural ball” of your own writing captions for this contest photo. But remember our rules, “be nice and stay classy because the media is watching.”  (The winners of our last contest are good examples of this.)

Now, if you need some tips for staying sane during the next few days, go back and read this piece and tape it to your television set.


And yes, it is going to be a tough couple of days, so I recommend stocking up on cases of adult beverages while watching the other half of the country drink Kool-Aid.

OMG! Obviously my computer is tapped because just this second I received an email from our “Organizer in Chief” with the subject line: “Say you’re in.”

Organizing for Action:

 You In?

Our work didn’t end on Election Day.

Organizing for Action will support the legislative agenda we voted on, train the next generation of grassroots organizers and leaders, and organize around local issues in our communities.

Watch this video the First Lady recorded about the next step of this grassroots movement, and say you’re in:

Yes, it REALLY is going to be a tough couple of days and an even tougher four more years, but look to our Tatler Photo Captions Contests to provide you with some comic relief.



















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