Winner of ‘Obama as Messiah’ Art For Sale Outside DNC – Photo Caption Contest

This was such a difficult Photo Caption Contest and therefore it was not among our most popular.

However, the 19 captions we did receive were totally outstanding.


There were poems, psalms, and the faux quoting of Scripture.

Tatler readers are forever amazing with grace.

Here are some of the best captions:

Above my Pray-Grade.   Submitted by Chris Henderson

You didn’t… – write that.    Submitted by You didn’t

“For the sake of compression, some of the characters that appear in this bible are composites of people I’ve blessed, and some of the miracles I’ve performed appear out of precise chronology…”    Submitted by  shaun evertson

Yeah Dude, …. I couldn’t fix things the first time just give another 2000 years…      Submitted by Laurie J

And the Grand Prize Winner of all the “Priceless PR” is  Morton D. who submitted his own “holy” Psalm titled:

-I Bloweth Totally

Excerpted from:

-Lo! A Mighty Breeze was fouling the air and no man would lay claim to it. Then Bâ-râk said unto them: “That Bush beyond, remember it! For That Bush was the one that befouled the air which was sweet”. But they noticed the Bush was nowhere to be seen. Wherever Bâ-râk went that foul stench did assail The People and they suffered. After the required span of three and one years, they could take it no longer, and The People cried out: “Take him from us, for he bloweth totally!” and he was gone!


Congratulations, Morton D.!!!   You totally bloweth my funny bone.

So Tatler fans, we shall see you all next time a photo is worthy of a Tatler Photo Caption Contest.



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