Winner of the "Obama HOPE Posters Peeling Off The Wall" Photo Caption Contest

More than any previous contest, this one has succeeded in driving my personal crazy train off the rails because it was nearly impossible to pick a winner from all these terrific entries. So thanks to the numerous Tatler readers who submitted captions and extra special thanks to those who submitted multiple entries.


Now it is time to cue the celebratory music, crank up the applause machine and announce the grand prize winner of the all expense paid trip to an un-named Washington, D.C. hotel lobby (using your own credit card) to see the artwork that was the subject of this photo caption contest. And the winner is:

EDMUND BURKE who wrote:

Just as I thought, this scratch off game is a loser.

Awesome entry Edmund!

Just in case Edmond cannot make the trip to that un-named hotel lobby the runner-up winner is:

WERMET who submitted three creative entries:

Shattered Dreams from my Father.

This is what happens when you Hope instead of Plan.

The posters held up better than his policies.

Then there is CFBLEACHERS who is our most decorated (past and present) contest winner. As usual he (I think he is a he) submitted several hilarious entries but these two deserve medals:

Think this is bad, you should see the Greek columns.

Guess this was one of the bitter non-clingers.

Now for the rest of the best:

(But seriously folks, any of these captions could have been in the winner’s circle because Tatler readers rank in the top 1% of creative adult intelligence and this contest proves that.


Subotai Bahadur: “The last known pieces of Obama Regime propaganda that survived the celebratory bonfires the night the Constitutional Republic was reborn.” — Smithsonian Institution.

Chris Henderson:  (multiple entries)

If his picture can’t occupy a wall, how can his supporters Occupy Wall Street?

Nobel “Pieces” Prize!

His posters are falling almost as fast (and furious) as his economy.

Scott:   Hope is….going…..going…..almost gone…….

Fail Burton:   Hope – 50% off.

Eric:   “Going Out Of Business.”

cfbleachers:  (again and again and again)

I don’t know sir, they were fine until a Chevy Volt passed by and …it and they spontaneously combusted.

You didn’t billboard that.

After effects of BO tox.

CraigZ:   “Hope” is just SO 2008!

RebeccaH:   Hope and Change. Nice posters, but nothing actually stuck.

Jeff Douglas:  A picture of the last four years.

Mark McKinnon:   Hope has come unglued.

(Could this be the Mark McKinnon, co-founder of No Labels  labeling a piece of partisan hotel lobby art?)

Finally, the time has come to reveal the Washington, D.C. hotel where this art currently adorns a wall.  But we HOPE someone in a dark suit from Homeland Security does not arrest the hotel owners and send them to “Re-education Camp Soros” or place them on Obama’s Enemies List and then unleash the IRS and have the Department of Labor inquire about the immigration status of their employees or, on second thought, revealing the hotel name at this time when HOPE still lives in the White House is probably not a good idea.


So thanks again loyal Tatler readers for playing along, and see you next time a photo (or lobby art from a small, old hotel on N Street) is worthy of a Tatler Photo Caption Contest.






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