Hillary Makes a Depressing Admission

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Hillary Clinton stated in an interview that while she has no plans to run for office, she will never be “out of the game of politics.”


The 2016 failed presidential candidate was on ABC News’ “Good Morning America” to promote her new book “State of Terror.” The book, co-authored with Louise Penny, is set to be released on October 12.

In the interview, Clinton said she would never be “out of the game of politics” because she feels as though “democracy is at stake.”  She cited January 6 and the issues with Facebook as her causes of concern.

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“I really feel our democracy is at stake, and there’s many reasons for that,” the former first lady stated. “Some of them we saw on the screen with the insurrection, some of them because of the revelations about Facebook that creates a world of disinformation instead of, you know, one that we can agree on what the facts are.”

Interesting wording from Clinton, considering that facts do not need to be agreed upon to be facts. Facts simply need to correspond to reality.

What is also interesting is that while Clinton seems to care so much about facts now, she had no concern for truth at any time during her political career. Clinton’s lies are well documented.

In reference to her emails, she claimed that she “never received nor sent any material that was marked classified.” FALSE.


She also claimed her email practice “was allowed.” FALSE.

She claimed she was “the only candidate on either side who has laid out a specific plan about what [she] would do to defeat ISIS.” FALSE.

She claimed that “every piece of legislation, just about, that [she] ever introduced had a Republican co-sponsor.” FALSE.

She claimed that “all [her] grandparents” immigrated to America. FALSE.

And let us not forget this gem:

Landing under sniper fire in Bosnia. FALSE.

Clinton claims her upcoming book is her “first foray into fiction.” FALSE



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