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Lenin, Stalin, Ceausescu, Obama: How Marxist Leaders Conceal Their Pasts


Finally, there is the current tendency to change the U.S. into a glasnost-style monument to its leader. Below i republish a partial list of institutions and places already named after President Obama:

California: President Barack Obama Parkway, Orlando; Obama Way, Seaside; Barack Obama Charter School, Compton; Barack Obama Global Preparation Academy, Los Angeles; Barack Obama Academy, Oakland.

Florida: Barack Obama Avenue, Opa-loka; Barack Obama Boulevard, West Park.

Maryland: Barack Obama Elementary School, Upper Marlboro.

Missouri: Barack Obama Elementary School, Pine Lawn.

Minnesota: Barack and Michelle Obama Service Learning Elementary, Saint Paul.

New Jersey: Barack Obama Academy, Plainfield; Barack Obama Green Charter High School, Plainfield.

New York: Barack Obama Elementary School, Hempstead.

Pennsylvania: Obama High School, Pittsburgh.

Texas: Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy, Dallas.

I do not intend to suggest that President Obama might be a Putin or a Ceausescu. The president is certainly his own man—well educated, well-spoken, charismatic and charming. He belongs to a minority, just as I belong to another minority. But he has apparently bought into the siren call of socialism and glasnost, as I myself and millions of others like me around the world also did at that age in life.

The United States won the Cold War because Ronald Reagan was elected president long after he had purged himself of his youthful infatuation with socialism. He was then able to identify Gorbachev’s glasnost as the political swindle it really was, and to subdue it. Let’s hope that President Obama will do the same.

In November 2014, we will face what I believe to be the most important elections in American history. On the surface, the voters will decide which of our two main political parties will control the U.S. Congress. In fact, the voter will decide between keeping our country the leader of the free world, or transforming it into a glasnost irrelevance.

PJ Media is joining forces with WND (the publisher of Disinformation) to help its readers get the knowledge to call a spade a spade—it is socialism and glasnost we should defeat.



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