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When You Appease Tyrants, They Just Hate You Even More

The emblem of the Soviet Union consisted of a hammer and a sickle, to symbolize the alliance between the proletariat and the peasants. The emblem of the KGB was a sword and a shield, symbolizing its duties: to put the country’s enemies to the sword, and to shield and protect the Communist revolution. Most of the KGB-financed international terrorist organizations were called "liberation" movements, to symbolize the Kremlin's commitment to liberating the rest of the world from “American tyranny.” The Palestine Liberation Organization in the Middle East (which was created and financed by the KGB), the National Liberation Army of Columbia” (FARC), created by the KGB with help from Fidel Castro (which became deeply involved in kidnapping, hijacking, bombing and guerrilla warfare), and the National Liberation Army of Bolivia, created by the KGB in 1964 with help from Ernesto “Che” Guevara, are just a few of them.

Moreover, I know for a fact that KGB chief Yury Andropov and his East European viceroys raised a glass of champagne to celebrate the terrorist bomb that exploded in Jerusalem's Zion Square on July 4, 1975, leaving 15 dead and 64 wounded. That was a slap at the United States, whose national day is the Fourth of July. It was also significant that the first attack on New York’s World Trade Center, which was intended to knock the North Tower into the South Tower and to generate mass killing, took place on February 26, 1993, when the Kremlin was celebrating 41 years since the first Soviet nuclear test. The suicide attack against the U.S. Navy destroyer USS Cole, in which 17 sailors were killed and 39 injured, took place on October 12, 2000. That was the anniversary of the beginning of Israel's major offensive of 1973, which was decisive in Israel's winning the Yom Kippur War. The significance of the failed bombing attempts over Detroit and New York on Christmas Day 2009 needs no explanation.

Finally, we also know that during the Cold War, the KGB was a state within a state, but that now the KGB is the state. In 2003, three years after the former KGB officer Vladimir Putin plunked himself down on the Kremlin throne, some 6,000 former officers of the KGB — that organization responsible for having slaughtered at least 20 million people in the Soviet Union alone — were running Russia’s federal and local governments.

As I no longer live in the bear’s lair, I do not have inside information confirming whether the criminal attack of our consulate in Benghazi was masterminded by the former KGB officers now running Russia. But our FBI is a superb organization, capable of learning the correct answer. Unfortunately, for political reasons, the administration and the leaders of the Democratic Party have publicly rushed to conclusions without knowing the truth. For them, the prestige and the security of the administration seem to be a lot more important than the prestige and the security of the United States.

Americans are proud people who dearly love their country. Let's hope that in November they will choose to protect the security and the prestige of the United States, not of the current administration.



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Image made courtesy shutterstock photo / Heiko Kiera