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Why This Year's GOP Convention Will Be Historic

This year's Republican National Convention will be as historically significant as the one that nominated Abraham Lincoln for the White House. The 1860 Republican Convention was a prelude to our country’s rejection of slavery. The 2012 Republican Convention will liberate our country from the Obama administration’s creeping Marxism. We are glad that our Roger L. Simon is there, in Tampa, to keep us updated, minute by minute.

By choosing Paul Ryan as his running mate, Mitt Romney showed the country, and the world, that he was unalterably determined to end the populist road show called "Change," choreographed by the Democratic Party in order to divert attention away from its utter failure to alleviate the country’s devastating economic crisis.

"Change" is rooted in a lie proliferated by our own American leftist media. According to this lie, the United States, the leader of the free world, is in fact a "decaying, racist, capitalist realm" unable to provide medical care for the poor, rebuild her “crumbling schools,” or replace the “shuttered mills that once provided a decent life for men and women of every race.

"Change" became the Democratic Party's motto, but it was just a comedy show geared to distracting public attention away from the leader's economic incompetence. The ancient Roman satirical poet Juvenal used the term panem et circenses to describe such shows. To tame the impoverished Roman populace, the Caesars orchestrated “bread and circuses” distractions, offering a variety of free pleasures: good food, public baths, handsome gladiators, exotic animals, chariot races, sports competitions, theatrical presentations, and the slogan Ave Caesar, Imperator!

The Obama administration's "Change" has transformed the U.S. into a country of "bread and circuses." One hundred million people are now on various kinds of welfare, 49% of the population is exempted from paying taxes, and 44.7 million people receive food stamps, while widely televised mass gatherings and nationally circulated newspaper articles worship our first American Caesar.

These "bread and circuses" extravaganzas did not work for the Roman Empire, which eventually collapsed under the weight of its enormous civil bureaucracy and public debt. They are not working for the United States either. At the time of this writing, our national debt is $15,962,835,542,312, the highest in U.S. history, and it is growing by the minute. The country's total debt per citizen is $52,900, and it is projected to be $67,500 in five years. The unemployment rate, which historically averaged 5.8%, has been over 8% for the last three years. The price of gasoline is now 300% higher than it was before the "bread and circuses" reign.

To solve this growing economic crisis, the Democratic Party offers nothing better than more “bread and circuses.” According to an August 5, 2012, article published in the New York Times, a group of 21 people in San Jose, California, were treated for burns after walking barefoot over hot coals as part of an event called "Unleash the Power Within," starring the motivational speaker Tony Robbins. "If you are anything like me," wrote Oliver Burkeman, the author of the article, "a cynical retort might suggest itself: What, exactly, did they expect would happen?" The leaders of the Democratic Party may consider themselves much better motivational speakers, but the question remains the same: What, exactly, do they expect will happen?

The November elections will give the American people a chance to stop walking barefoot over hot coals. The United States is the biggest business on earth, and "We the People" will elect the Romney-Ryan team, who will run our country as a business, not as a "bread and circuses" show.

The Obama administration has not been able to bring about a congressionally approved budget for our country in over 1,180 days. Even a mom-and-pop grocery store has to have a budget to keep itself in business. According to President Obama's official schedule, on July 21, 2012, he held the first cabinet meeting since January 31, 2012. By that time, however, he had attended over 130 "bread and circuses" meetings.

Nevertheless, a Gallup poll published on August 13, 2012, shows that 50% of the American population approves of the job President Obama is doing. This brings me back to the disinformation propounded by our leftist media. Its current attacks on Mitt Romney and his running mate, Paul Ryan, have the goal of keeping people hooked on the administration's "bread and circuses" show, in order to prevent their focusing on what these uniquely important elections really mean: Are we going to maintain the United States as the leader of the free world, or are we going to allow our country to drift off into a welfare-state irrelevance? Are we heading toward President Obama’s new vision of an America in which prosperity is shared, or are we going back to the traditional American policy in which prosperity is earned?

Now we learn that top representatives from the liberal media—and only from there—are scheduled to moderate the upcoming presidential debates. That would entrap our election process in a new tangle of network disinformation. PJ Media CEO Roger L. Simon is convincingly advocating a change. I strongly applaud his suggestion, but I see little chance of its success. The liberal media will still be in charge, and our only chance is to start a parallel offensive aimed at exposing its disinformation.

Today it is considered bad manners even to mention the word Marxism. That is another success achieved by the leftist media's disinformation offensive. But I cannot stop repeating, over and over again, that if you know Karl Marx's Manifesto, you will inevitably think that Marx himself must have written the goals of the Democratic Party's 2012 electoral campaign. All ten of Marx's planks of communism are in them.

In a recent open letter I sent to America's Survival conference on "Vetting Obama" held at the National Press Club, I note that Marx’s Manifesto has just turned 164 years old, and all it has bequeathed us is a bunch of former Marxist countries that ended up looking like trailer camps hit by a hurricane, with their former leaders roasting in Dante’s Inferno.

All Marxists who have ever risen to lead a country have ended up in hell—all, from Trotsky to Stalin, Tito to Zhivkov, Enver Hoxha to Mátyás Rakosi, Sékou Touré to Nyeree. All had their "bread and circuses" days of temporary glory, but all ended in eternal disgrace. Some, like Khrushchev and Ceausescu, were even found unworthy of having their final resting place marked by any gravestone. A few remnants, like the Castro brothers and Hugo Chavez, are still hanging onto their "bread and circuses," but they have a place in hell reserved and waiting for them.

I appeal to all my colleagues at PJ Media to talk and write about this truism every single day. I know there are a lot of subjects we need to hash out in our PJ Media, but there should be none more vital to us just now than the subject of the November elections.

For the first time in our history, we voters will be called upon to choose between keeping our country the leader of the world or letting it fall off the map as another "bread and circuses" failure. Redistribution of wealth is stealing, and in the long run, stealing never pays, even when it is committed by the government of a superpower. Remember the spontaneous combustion of the big, bad Soviet Empire.

Let's hope that our campaign may even help President Obama to abandon his craving for "bread and circuses" and for Marx's utopian "to each according to his need." The first black American president should have a place of honor in our country's history.