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Romania's 20-Year Nightmare: Unraveling Socialized Health Care

In the U.S., a person can be scheduled for surgery the next day, but in Canada's nationalized health care system, one has to wait months for a surgery. In the U.S., a doctor's ability to act quickly without having to wait for bureaucratic approvals can make the difference between life and death.

The Nobel Prize for medicine tells the rest of the story. During the last century, the United States' free market medical care system was rewarded with 72 Nobel prizes. The Soviet Union, which invented the nationalized health care system, won none. Zero. (Tsarist Russia did get one Nobel Prize for medicine in 1904, for Pavlov's conditional reflex theory.)

Another truth: the U.S. health care system can and should be improved, but in 2008 and 2009 the country was going through the second-worst economic crisis in its history, and improving the economy should have been the most immediate task. When the Democratic Party came to power, however, it had been so infected by Marxism that it started its reign by nationalizing our health care system. This has always been the first thing Marxist rulers do whenever they take over.

Health care is vital to everyone, and wherever the Marxists have been able to seize the political reins they have begun consolidating their rule by nationalizing the health care system. In 1948, after Romania’s Marxist leaders assembled that country’s first Marxist government, they proudly proclaimed that they were getting rid of the old “capitalist” health system that cared only for the rich, and were replacing it with a "socialist system" that "would provide health care to every Romanian.” No one there knew what that "socialist system" looked like, but its populist appeal made it sound good, and most Romanians cheered. I did too, and I paid a heavy price for that.

One more truth: the U.S. has gradually evolved from a country using black slave labor into a country that freely elected a black American as president. The "Affordable Health Care for America Act," however, was imposed on the country overnight, the same way the Marxist health care system was imposed on Romania. It is the devil who is always in a hurry. According to the U.S. Senate Historical Office, the Affordable Health Care for America Act was the second bill in history that the Senate approved on Christmas Eve. The first was in 1895, when the Senate passed a bill regarding the employment of former Confederate soldiers. That was a real Christmas present. The 2009 bill was a gift from the devil, and it was passed secretly, at the witching hour of midnight.