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Say No To Socialism

Say No To Socialism - PJMedia.com
The Democrats embraced Marxist tactics to further Marxist goals.
The price of freedom: 1,196,541 American lives. Today we remember them.
New documents reveal the Soviet effort to deflect attention began on November 23, 1963, and it was introduced by a memo to the Kremlin signed by KGB chairman Vladimir Semichastny.
Le roi est mort, vive le roi! Anti-Americanism is dead, long live anti-Americanism!
An American Glasnost? See also an excerpt featured at PJ Lifestyle: The Beauty of Disinformation
On March 6, 2013, we celebrate 60 years since the death of the Marxist tyrant Joseph Stalin. (Related: Ed Driscoll on "Hugo Chavez’s Socialist Symmetry in Saying Sayonara," on the anniversary of Stalin's death.)
From experience, I know why prevention of terror must be the paramount policy.
The strident anti-Israel policies and hateful rhetoric of today's Nation find their origins in the Kremlin-sponsored efforts of former Washington editor I.F. Stone.
The highest-ranking official ever to defect from the Soviet bloc knows the kinds of jokes dictators say about weak American presidents behind their backs.
The 2012 Republican Convention will liberate our country from the Obama administration’s creeping Marxism.
In my former life, I heard plenty of talk similar to Obama’s current attacks.
Ceausescu is long dead. His nationalized health care is still killing patients.