Unexamined Premises

Trump's Merkel Moment -- and Ours

(AP Photo/Moises Castillo)

Three years ago, a horde of “migrants” from the Islamic ummah arrived suddenly in the Hungarian capital of Budapest, marching right through a sovereign nation without a care in the world. They were on their way to the promised lands of old Christendom, and the glittering, helpless welfare societies that tried to offer cradle-to-grave security but too late realized that it forgot the cradle part, and only had the grave to look forward to. Shortly thereafter, the Hungarians sealed their borders, built a fence, and enlisted other similarly minded countries in central Europe to join them in an adamant refusal to admit “migrants” masquerading as “refugees.”

The Muslim army was raised and funded by unknown players, but it was welcomed by Angela Merkel, the worst German chancellor since you-know-who. With no personal stake in the future of her country, the childless Merkel was suddenly hailed as Mutti Merkel by her new charges, who then promptly went on a orgy of cultural enrichment that will end with the total collapse of Merkel’s government and, hopefully, Merkelism itself. In retrospect, it’s clear that the “migrant” horde should have been stopped at the Serbian or Hungarian borders and turned back by any means necessary; Europe is still facing the enormous consequences of Merkel’s hideous error.

Now it’s America’s turn. Thousands of economic migrants — they make no bones about it — are heading our way, insouciantly traversing the basket-case failed state of Mexico on their trek to El Norte and boasting that there’s no stopping them. The media, speaking for the Democrat party, acts as if this is some sort of natural phenomenon, like an earthquake or a hurricane, and the only “humane” thing to do is to accommodate them in America, no questions asked.

Luckily, President Trump is made of sterner stuff that either Merkel or the media. He’s announced he’s cutting back on aid to the three worst, most dysfunctional and violent countries in Central America (Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador), has demanded that our friends the Mexicans stop them before they reach Texas and Arizona, and has even threatened to use the U.S. military to prevent the migrants from crossing into American territory.

Activists say the journey through of at least 3,000 kilometers (1,800 miles) through Mexico to the US border could take a month. “We are well aware that this country (Mexico) didn’t receive us as we expected, and they can return us to Honduras, and we also know there are drug traffickers who kidnap and kill migrants,” Juan Flores, one of those migrants, told AFP. “But we live with more fear in our country, so we carry on forward,” he added.

But fear of your own befouled nest is no excuse to invade another country. Once, “refugee” meant people fleeing active war zones, who would be temporarily displaced in other countries until the war ended and they could either return to their homes or wait in DP camps until their applications for admission were decided. Today, a “refugee” is anyone who desires to live in the United States, and who should therefore be allowed entry with no questions asked.

Naturally, these blunt sentiments horrify the American Left, which views everything as either America’s fault or America’s responsibility, and is determined to join forces with its counterparts in Europe in its project of population replacement. Using declining birthrates in First World countries as its wedge, in part by enthusiastically demanding the untrammeled “right” of women to murder their babies in the womb, they now insist that the solution to low population growth is to import foreigners en masse, on the egalitarian theory that a Guatemalan peasant and a Connecticut Yankee are interchangeable in their abilities, work ethic, and cultural patrimony.

This is manifestly untrue (history, in fact, proves it conclusively), but no matter. Such quaint notions as national sovereignty are as outdated as the American Constitution itself — the Left has finally emerged from its pseudo-patriotic closet to call for the destruction of the United States of America. For what is the difference whether the country is invaded by the military units of a foreign power (which hasn’t happened in the U.S. since the War of 1812) or an unarmed “caravan” that overwhelmingly consists of military age men and is intent upon violating American law? What do we do with such people?

We stop them. Yes, this is a deliberate provocation — the Left is betting that America won’t dare use force to protect itself, wouldn’t want to take the public-relations hit that would come with images of American Border Patrol, National Guard or even regular Army soldiers preventing the horde from entering the country. But, as Trump has often observed, either we have borders or we don’t, and if we don’t we no longer have a country, but simply an economic system that works better than anything in the Arab world or the Latin American countries.

But their problems are not our problems, unless we make them our problems. The president and the country are now being tested, as surely as Khrushchev tested Kennedy with the missiles of October 56 years ago. The former Soviet premier bet the young American president, having botched the Bay of Pigs, would do nothing stop the installation of Russian ballistic weapons in Cuba. He guessed wrong.

Now Trump must hold fast. This has gone beyond a “humanitarian” crisis (one which in any case should be dealt with by the Central Americans themselves) and now a national crisis. If allowed to continue, it will establish a nation-killing  principle.

“No one is going to stop us, after all we’ve gone through,” said 21-year-old Aaron Juarez, who was accompanied by his wife and baby and was walking with difficulty because of an injury.

Honduran farmer Edwin Geovanni Enamorado said he was forced to leave his country because of intimidation by racketeering gangs. “We are tired, but very happy, we are united and strong,” he said.

Britany Hernandez added: “We have sunburn. We have blisters. But we got here. Our strength is greater than Trump’s threats.”

We’ll see about that.