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The Daily Debate: Do You Trust Liberals with Guns? Pasta Sauce? Bagpipes?

So four chicks and a metrosexual-type guy walk onto a gun range…

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Don’t miss the bit around 2:16 where “confused and conflicted” Allison nearly blows away her instructor with her, um, enthusiasm; gotta work on trigger discipline there, girl! And Abe’s comment at 1:56 about bad-assery is priceless.  Dude — cock that shotgun!

The girls’ reaction at the end reminded me of this classic Blackadder sketch. “They will be slaughtered the minute we mince up the hill.”

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Meanwhile, back at the Democrat-Media Complex propaganda shop known as Meet the Press, the Wall Street Journal reporter Jason Riley — author of Please Stop Helping Us: How Liberals Make It Harder for Blacks to Succeed — brings a different kind of discomfiture to the faces of the gentlefolk of the Left, particularly Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington, filling in for recently defenestrated host David Gregory:

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Meanwhile, I’m getting some heat on Facebook for suggesting that, if this really is a “wave” election and the GOP wing of the Permanent Bipartisan Fusion Party retakes the Senate with a few seats to spare, then I am perfectly happy to cede Mitch McConnell’s seat in Kentucky to the Democrats. Look, it’s a win-win: unless McConnell’s seat is the determinant, the Republicans get the Senate and conservatives (maybe) get a new Majority Leader; what’s not to like? 

Because with nominal “Republicans” (now unaffiliated)  like this guy, who needs Democrats? 

Mamma mia!

Mamma mia!

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — Former Mayor Buddy Cianci’s face beams from the label of his Mayor’s Own Marinara Sauce, which also promises that sales are “Benefiting Providence School Children” and have helped hundreds of students attend college.

But in recent years, no money from the sauce’s sales has been donated to Cianci’s charity scholarship fund, The Associated Press has learned. From 2009 to 2012, the sauce made a total of $3 in income, longtime Cianci adviser Charles Mansolillo told the AP.

Mansolillo — Cianci’s former city solicitor and the vice president, secretary and treasurer of the company that sells the pasta sauce — acknowledged the label could be misunderstood and said he would like to see it changed.

“People are thinking that every time they are buying a bottle of pasta (sauce) they’re making a contribution. That is not necessarily the case.”

From Wikipedia: “Cianci was forced by law to resign from office for the first time in 1984 after pleading no contest to assaulting a Bristol, Rhode Island contractor with a lit cigarette, an ashtray and a fireplace log…  Cianci was indicted in April 2001 on federal criminal charges of racketeeringconspiracyextortionwitness tampering, and mail fraud. Several other Providence city officials were also indicted…  Cianci was acquitted of 26 of 27 charges, including bribery, extortion, and mail fraud. He was, however, found guilty of a single charge of racketeering conspiracy (running a corrupt criminal enterprise).”

Mansolillo said Capital Innovations, the company that sells Cianci’s sauce and where Cianci serves as president, was intentionally vague on the label and didn’t make specific promises because, “We didn’t want to be held to anything.”

Just another day at the Rhode Island beaches for the Permanent Bipartisan Fusion Government. Meanwhile, the dead hand of the State increases its ever-downward pressure, crushing the life out of a supposedly free citizenry, as Mark Steyn notes here:

My fellow Granite Staters – 17-year-old Campbell Webster and Eryk Bean, of Concord and Londonderry, New Hampshire – understood that if you go to a highland fling a couple of hours north in Quebec you’re now obligated to get your bagpipes approved by US Fish & Wildlife.

Because that’s just the way it is in the Land of the Free.

So Messrs Webster and Bean got their CITES certificate and presented it to the US CBP agent at the Vermont border crossing.

Whereupon he promptly confiscated their bagpipes on the grounds that, yes, their US Fish & Wildlife CITES paperwork was valid, but it’s only valid at 28 ports of entry and this wasn’t one of them.

And you thought Catch-22 was fiction. Mark concludes:

Demanding a CITES certificate for bagpipes is a burden upon free-born citizens. Restricting the paperwork’s validity to only 28 ports of entry is an unduly onerous burden. Requiring the bagpipers to come back on the Wednesday to those 28 ports of entry because the inspector’s washing her hair on the Tuesday is an even more onerous and insulting burden. And charging an American $576 to play his bagpipe in Montreal is a shakedown racket unacceptable in a free society. Tyranny starts at the edges and nibbles its way in. This bagpipe regime is tyrannous, but it will not stop there.

As I said before, where is “the party of small government” on this? When will they pipe up?

Or do bagpipers have to loot and riot to get any attention from anyone who matters?

Do think Mitch McConnell would do anything about it?  Or Weepy John Boehner? Or do you suppose they, too, wouldn’t want to be held to anything — repealing Obamacare, for example. Maybe a little bagpipe riot would do the nation some good.

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