Michael Totten

I'm Still Alive

I haven’t yet gotten rid of this kidney stone, and I may need minor surgery soon, but it doesn’t hurt at the moment, and I’m no longer taking narcotic pain meds on a schedule. I’ve switched to ibuprofen and will only take the narcs if and when I have to.

My doctor prescribed oxycodone (also known as oxycontin), and I can’t for the life of me understand why anyone would take that drug recreationally. These evil little pills must have a very different effect on other people than they have on me. They make me feel jagged and paranoid. I’ll take that, I guess, over excrutiating pain, but otherwise, no.

Reading is a bit difficult on oxycodone, and writing is impossible. Now that I’m no longer taking it, though—at least not on a schedule—I can write again. So stay tuned. I’ll be back shortly if all continues to go smoothly.

The kidney stone experience is not recommended. This is the second time I’ve developed one in the Middle East in August. I’m told it’s a common ailment in that part of the world during the summer. So if you head over there when it’s hot, or if you’re over there now, drink lots of water—or else.

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