Michael Totten

Around the Internets

Below are some links I posted to Instapundit as a guest-blogger on Tuesday. I’ll have some more of my own original material soon, but I’m in tech hell right now and need to dig myself out.

YIKES: Reuters reports that South Korea plans to officially blame North Korea for sinking its warship in March.

OUTSTANDING PALESTINIAN JOURNALIST Khaled Abu Toameh explains why an imposed solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a terrible idea. Meanwhile, former PLO ambassador Ali Kazak accuses him of being a traitor for exposing corruption in the West Bank and Gaza.

YESTERDAY I posted a link to an article by Claire Berlinski about the Soviet archives, an article Ron Radosh takes issue with. Berlinski and Radosh are both terrific authors, and I hate getting caught in the middle of a dispute between them, but I’ll let readers interested in this topic read both and decide for themselves.

UPDATE: Claire Berlinski responds to Ron Radosh here.

CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS’ new book Hitch-22: A Memoir wasn’t supposed to be released until June, but my copy from Amazon.com arrived today. He sent me an uncorrected advance reader copy a few weeks ago, and it’s terrific.

MAX BOOT on the ongoing Korean war.

JONAH GOLDBERG: Left, right, and wrong.