Michael Totten

Iran's abuse of technology

Graham in the comment box below mentioned a useful article on Iran’s use of high-end AMD chips for missile “research”:http://www.tomsguide.com/us/AMD-Iran-Rocket-Research,news-4116.html. The presence of western high-tech in Iran is sadly not a new development. In late 2007 it emerged that Amir Kabir University in Tehran had built a super computer using sanctioned AMD Opteron chips. Computerworld had a great story on “this”:http://www.abdolian.com/thoughts/?p=1574.
There is a world of difference between AMD, on the one hand, and Nokia and Siemens, on the other. The Iranians purchased AMD products illicitly. Nokia and Siemens directly and knowingly did business in Iran, aided a country that they knew was a serial human rights violator. More on Nokia and Siemens “here”: