Terrorist killed on Syrian border

By Abu Kais

Syrian-born Omar Hamra, a "tawhid and Jihad terrorist and military official", was casually crossing the border with Lebanon today with a suicide belt strapped to his waist, and nine different fake IDs. He ended up "exploding himself", according to the Syrian News Agency SANA.


An official source at the interior ministry said that on Tuesday  at about 13,45 AM. and while the military official at al-Tawheid and Jihad al-Takfiri ( those who reject others faith ) whose name is Omar Abdullah and his alias is Omar Hamra, Syrian origin, 28 years old, was trying to cross the border at Jdaydeit Yabous point with forged papers; started to fire at members of the Syrian security forces from a war gun and tried to escape.

The source added that due to the process of pursuing Hamra ; he exploded himself with an explosive belt, the matter that killed and injured two members of the Syrian security forces.

Normally, Syrian law enforcement would think the bulge under his sweater was an oversized belly, typical of many bearded Islamists.  On a normal day, they wouldn’t be able to tell which one of the nine IDs he produced is really him, and they would let him decide.


But today Omar was unlucky. Not only did he foolishly choose an official border crossing to smuggle himself, his belt and IDs– he just did not think they would stop him. What with all the help he received from the dark lord’s (a.k.a. Bashar Assad) agents? How could they?

So Omar ran. And the agents went after him, dodging his bullets. Kaboom.

It’s good he had that belt. Islamist heaven is better than that Syrian hell anyway, at least it’s a straight road.

Too bad, his final thought to himself must have been, the belt was only designed to kill one person.

Clap clap.


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