Michael Totten

On My Way to New York

Soon I will be in New York City for a few days, and there’s a social blogger meetup thingie scheduled for Monday night. I’m going to be incommunicado shortly, so if you are interested in attending and aren’t some freakshow stalker type person, email Judith Weiss and get the details if you would like to join us.
judith at yehudit dot org
I’m not sure yet who will be there exactly, but Judith knows. She’s in charge.
Here are some scenes from recent late-night drunken happy socializing in Jerusalem.
Benjamin and Noah.jpg
Benjamin Kerstein (left) and Noah Pollak (right).
Noah is Assistant Editor at Azure magazine. He was crazy enough to go north with me and get shot at by Hezbollah a few weeks ago.
Benjamin is the man behind the famous Diary of an Anti-Chomskyite blog. He also recently wrote a review of Paul Berman’s terrific new book Power and the Idealists for Azure.

Lee Smith in Jerusalem.jpg
Multinational bar-hopping buddy Lee Smith who traveled from Beirut to Jerusalem under fire during the Lebanon war. Lee recently wrote about the death of the great Arab writer Naguib Mahfouz for Slate and Hezbollah’s defeat for The Weekly Standard.

Me and Louis in Jerusalem.jpg
Me and Louis Stigsgaard Nissen, Middle East Bureau Chief for Denmark’s largest newspaper Berlingske Tidende.

Me and Lee Smith.jpg
Me and Lee Smith.