Michael Totten

Elsewhere in Lebanon

Lebanon is the closest thing I have to a second home. It is the only country other than the United States where I’ve ever lived. It’s nice to be home in Oregon, but sometimes I’m homesick for Lebanon too.
Here are 32 photos of a country that (unnecessarily) frightens some of my fellow Americans, but is actually perfect for tourists.

Jounieh from Water.JPG
The port city of Jounieh.

Northern Suburbs from Boat.jpg
The northern suburbs of Beirut.

Peter on his Boat.JPG
Daily Star managing editor Peter Grimsditch tells war stories on his boat.

Driving Northern Beirut Suburbs.jpg
Driving north from Beirut.

Byblos Castle.JPG
The castle at Byblos.

Ruins at Byblos.jpg
Roman ruins at Byblos.

Byblos Harbor.jpg
The oldest continuously used port in the world (founded by the Phoenicians) at Byblos.

Shells on Byblos Beach.jpg
Marble rocks on the beach.

Byblos Sunset.jpg
A sunset over the Mediterranean.

Byblos Night.jpg
The Byblos souk at twilight.

Saida from Sea Castle.jpg
Rafik Hariri’s hometown of Saida.

Sea Castle Saida.JPG
The remnants of a Crusader sea castle right in front of the old city of Saida.

Village South Lebanon.jpg
A Shia village in South Lebanon just outside the Hezbollah-occupied zone.

Chouf Village Square.JPG
The central square of a village in the Chouf mountains, homeland of the Druze.

Chouf Mountains Valley.jpg
A Chouf mountain valley at the edge of Lebanon’s largest Cedar Reserve.

Suset Over the Chouf.JPG
A sunset over the Chouf.

Temple of Bachus.JPG
The Temple of Bachus, Roman city of Baalbeck, Bekaa Valley.

Baalbeck Cat.JPG
A stray baby kitten at Baalbeck.

Road Up Mount Lebanon.jpg
The road up Mount Lebanon, homeland of the Maronite Catholics for more than 1,000 years.

Mount Lebanon Geography.JPG
Rough geography on Mount Lebanon.

Rugged Qadisha Valley.JPG
The rugged Qadisha Valley.

Bcherre Car 3.JPG
An unhappy car on Mount Lebanon.

Bcherre Car 2.JPG
Another unhappy car on Mount Lebanon.

Bcherre Car 1.JPG
Yet another unhappy car on Mount Lebanon! All of these were less than 100 feet apart.

Bcherre, birthplace of Khalil Gibran.

Khalil Gibran Statue.JPG
My mother in front of a statue of Khalil Gibran, Bcherre.

Cedars of Lebanon.JPG
The majestic Cedars of Lebanon. Some are said to have been there during the time of the Roman Empire.

Inside Cedar Reserve.JPG
Inside Mount Lebanon’s Cedar Reserve.

Mount Lebanon Sunset.jpg
A winter sunset over Mount Lebanon.

Village Mount Lebanon.jpg
One of the many Ottoman-era villages of Mount Lebanon.

Shrine Mount Lebanon.JPG
A Maronite shrine.

Church in Clouds Mount Lebanon.JPG
A Maronite church in the clouds at the top of the world.