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Rally for Denmark!

The attempt in Britain to hold a “March for Freedom of Expression” is having a spot of bother. Problem is, first of all, they had to meet with the Police to let PC Plod know “what banners and signs might say or show.”
Is this the same Police force that did nothing about murderous placards at demonstrations by Islamist extremists in London in May 2005 and in February 2006, only responding in the latter case after the event when there was a public and press outcry? Here is what happened in May 2005 according to CNN:

A British policeman said the language was offensive and unpleasant in the extreme. But police overlooked that and the fact that more than a few of the young men in the crowd covered their faces, technically a violation of British law, according to the police.
Shouting, “Down, down USA; down, down USA,” the protesters called for the killing of Americans, the death of the U.S. president, the death of British Prime Minister Tony Blair, the bombing of Britain, and the annihilation of the U.S. capital: “Nuke, nuke Washington; Nuke, nuke Washington! Bomb, bomb the Pentagon.”

My letter to my MP on this matter elicited a reply from Hazel Blears at the Home Office that read as if it has been copied off a press release website.
These reported comments from the boys in blue to the “March for Free Expression” organizers were interesting:

they [the Police] asked us to consider the cost to the taxpayer of policing a march and the inconvenience it would cause Londoners.

The “inconvenience” of a “March for Free Expression”–wouldn’t want that in a free society would we?
Now the “March for Free Expression” has appealed for attendees not to bring copies of the Danish cartoons, leading people to ask if the event is really about freedom of expression. Talk about tying yourself in knots. You’ll find a discussions of this led by the indefatigable David T over at Harry’s Place
A simple Danish solidarity event, venue easy to find (the Danish embassy), would have sufficed, like this one.
Andrew Apostolou (lego my jim jams).
Pic from the DC rally, courtesy of Corsair the Rational Pirate: