The Utah of the Middle East

I have a new (short) article published today in The Bulletin, the Australian edition of Newsweek. I wanted to call it The Utah of the Middle East, since that’s what much of Kurdistan looks like, but they changed it to The Kurd Way.
UPDATE: Lebanon.Profile writes in the comments:


Once again, the blogosphere beats the MSM. However, it’s somewhat odd that the blogger Michael Totten took on himself.
Okay, that’s a bit disingenuous. You were restricted to the MSM rules, which detracted from your reporting instead of benefiting it. The article is good, and I can’t help thinking that I would have liked it more had I not read your original post. It just doesn’t compare to what we get here.
Left to your own devices, what we got was superb without any rules, regulations, or editors.

He is absolutely right. I, too, prefer what I can self-publish without any restrictions on content, style, and length. That’s why I’m publishing the lion’s share of my material on the blog. (I am able to do that thanks to you hitting my Tip Jar.)


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