Once again, I apologize for not blogging much. I have my nose to the grindstone on a project that I’ll explain in a few days when I have a chance to come up for air.
I will say, however, that I am extremely dismayed by the despicable behavior of the Lebanese mob that rampaged in one of Beirut’s finest neighborhoods over a freakin’ cartoon published months ago in a Danish newspaper.
My mother took one look at that Achrafieh neighborhood and said “This could be San Franscisco” when she visited me in November.
“Don’t be fooled by that,” I told her. At the time I worried my response might have been unfair to Lebanon, but apparently that wasn’t the case. It should be noted, however, that the people who live in that neighborhood had nothing to do with this. Most of today’s mobsters don’t even live in the city at all. They appear to be poorly educated reactionaries bussed in from Tripoli and Hezbollahland.
Beirut, once again, looks like yet another Middle Eastern Fallujah. It isn’t, but the photos…these are not pretty to look at. All the good press I have been giving this country for the past year was destroyed today by goons who would surely be happier living in Saudi or Syria.
I strongly suggest the civilized people of Lebanon, Muslim and Christian alike, stage a counter-demonstration downtown where flags are not burned and where buildings are not set on fire.



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