Michael Totten

Bush Takes a Left Turn After Katrina

Just as I’m getting ready to leave the country and take a long break from hyper-partisan and hyper-annoying domestic politics, something totally refreshing and completely unexpected happens: liberals actually admit to liking one of George W. Bush’s policies while conservatives find something they don’t like about him after all.
If you thought Hurricane Katrina’s political aftermath was hopelessly partisan…bzzt, thank you for playing.

The spending plan has not been well received by conservative voters–just 43% favor the huge federal commitment…while 37% are opposed. This is especially striking given how supportive the President’s base has remained throughout his Administration.
The President’s reconstruction plan is favored by 66% of liberal voters.
Fifty-seven percent (57%) of black voters support the federal reconstruction spending while just 17% are opposed. Among white voters, 49% favor the spending and 29% are opposed. This is the first Bush Administration proposal hat has attracted more support from black Americans than from white Americans.

I guess you can count me in with the liberals and the black Americans on this one. Complaints about “big government conservatism” don’t resonate with me at all after our worst natural disaster in history. If we don’t have enough money to rebuild the Gulf Coast, roll back the tax cuts or gut something useless.