Making My Way Around the Blogosphere

First of all, I’d like to publicly thank Joe Katzman for bringing me on board over at Winds of Change. I’ve cross-posted a couple of things there already and I appreciate the chance to reach a wider audience.
Second, next week I’ll be one-third of Instapundit again. Glenn Reynolds is lighting out for parts unknown for a week. He asked me, Ann Althouse, and Megan McArdle to fill in for him again. The three of us have somewhat different reading tastes than Glenn, so next week’s Instalanches will fall on new territory.
I also have a new essay posted over at Donklephant called Leave Politics Out of It. On the surface it’s about politics and Hollywood movies (specifically War of the Worlds), but it’s really about the perils of inappropriately mixing politics with art in general.



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