Michael Totten

Nevermind, They Do Both Suck

I’ve revised my opinion of the debates.

On style and delivery, John Kerry buffed the floor with George W. Bush’s ass. He just did. I know a lot of you out there really like George W., but come on. I can argue with Kerry better than he can, and I’m just a guy in his jammies. You think this only matters to intellectuals? Wrong. Most of the world doesn’t think Bush is a cowboy, they think he’s an oil-rustler. Who’s the enemy in the Terror War? Islamofascists. What percentage of the world do you think understands this? One percent? Two?
George W. Bush gets an F-, that’s an F minus, on clarity. When we’re three and a half years into World War IV and the president of the most powerful country on earth, the 900 pound gorilla on the good guy side, has never been able, not once, to explain who the enemy is and what on earth we’re doing, well, let me just quote Joe Katzman.

It’s an important part of the war, a critical part. You can’t outsource this to the damn blogosphere.

Amen, my Canadian brother. I am not the president’s spokesman. Nor is Joe or Glenn Reynolds or Charles Johnson or Roger L. Simon. It is not our job to do his job – especially since none of the people I just listed, including myself, even voted for George W. Bush in 2000.

But. But.
That doesn’t mean John Kerry has it together. Oh my, no. He may have been more articulate than usual at Thursday’s debate (thank you, Allah) but that can only take him so far. Now I want you to click this link. It will take you over to James Lileks’ latest Bleat. (And, boy, is this one a bleat.) He’ll tell you exactly, precisely, why when I think about voting for Kerry (and I have been trying to talk myself into it) I flinch.