Michael Totten

Kick Chavez in the Ass. Please.

Tomorrow (Sunday) Venezuelans will vote whether or not to recall their brute-in-chief Hugo Chavez. For a brief period of time (long since lapsed) I thought Chavez might be the right guy for Venezuela. Somebody had to come along and challenge the oligarchy that insults the nation’s children first by ripping them off and second by teaching them they live in a rich country even when they live in Dickensian shantytowns.
Boy did I goof that one. Chavez can’t even pull a good imitation of his comrade Fidel let alone reform Venezuela in a way that is even remotely defensible. Venezuela is now the closest thing Latin America has to a dictatorship outside Cuba. And this in a country that managed to skate through the Cold War without one.
A lot people got the guy wrong and they know it. Plenty of them live in Venezuela. Here’s hoping they can free themselves from the bastard and that he doesn’t kill anyone on his way out the door.
See also Marc Cooper, who smacks Chavez and his idiotic apologists hard from the left.