Anti-Semitism Watch (Updated)

Here is a picture of a modern skinhead.
Okay, maybe the guy isn’t technically a skinhead. He might have hair under that hat.
Why is it that when anti-war protests make the news, people like him are almost always edited out? This isn’t a photo from the media, it’s from an LGF reader who goes by the handle Zombie.
I’m selective about which photos I choose to publish, just as newspapers are. In a sense I do what they do, only the opposite. I don’t include photos of the nice church people who show up to protest.
The difference is I don’t pretend the nice church people don’t exist. Besides, this is an opinion site with no claim whatever to being comprehesive or objective. I’m not trying to keep a record of everything here. That’s more than a one-man job.
Also, I don’t feel the need to mention the nice people at protests because I don’t have that much to say to or about them except when I’m arguing about foreign policy generally. Plenty of nice people attend peace rallies, I know that very well. I think they’re a bit naïve, but they mean well. They’re decent people. And because they’re decent and well-meaning people I’d like to see them kick the guy in the picture out of their parade. I bet they would do just that if he put a sheet over his head, and he might as well.
PS – I don’t attend “pro-war” rallies. If I did and I saw a guy with a sign that said “Smash Muslim States,” I’d call him out on it. And if that guy wasn’t being challenged by the rest of those in attendance, that would be the last time I hung around that crowd. I’m not asking anyone to do anything I wouldn’t do myself.
UPDATE: Oberon in the comments points to a comment on this Indymedia post.


These are lies.
I am an anti-war leftist fed up with the anti-semitism in the anti-war movement. I had the sign “pro-israel, pro-palestine, pro-peace.” I marched with SF Voice for Israel (NOT with Protest Warriors, who I deplore).
I was there until 3pm. Nobody on our side started shit. There were people from the pro-palestinian side shoving us, coming into our space and shouting “I hope they push you fucking assholes into the sea!”
Smash The Jewish State IS RACIST.
I am AGAINST the occupation. But there WERE anti-semetic signs at the protest and that’s why SF Voice For Israel exists. MANY people on the SF Voice for Israel side were fellow leftists who feel alienated by the anti-war movement because nobody speaks out against the anti-semitism within.

That’s what I’m looking for. Too bad this person is in the minority among the activists, but I’m glad at least someone inside that group is getting fed up with this crap.


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