Michael Totten

The New Skinheads (Updated)

I thought the organizers of anti-war demonstrations had reached the nadir of their depravity. But I was wrong. The downward slide continues.
We already knew that the organizing activists are Stalinists. The Workers World Party and its “anti-war” front International ANSWER make no secret of it.
The WWP claims on their Web site:

We don’t jump on the bandwagon when Third World leaders are demonized.

That’s an understatement.
Here is an article they recently published praising Kim Jong Il’s repulsive prison-and-barracks state in North Korea. The writer Tom Scahill swoons over the totalitarian state’s “accomplishments” and can’t find a single thing to admonish.
Meanwhile, International ANSWER throws in its lot with the fascists.

The anti-war movement here and abroad must give its unconditional support to the Iraqi anti-colonial resistance.

Its unconditional support.
Well. I’m glad they cleared that up.
The so-called “resistance” is made up of three primary groups. Saddam’s Baathist remnants, local theocratic Islamists, and foreign foot soldiers for Al Qaeda.
I can forgive those on the old left who once had a romance with Communism. As Leszek Kolakowski wrote, Communism is the degenerate bastard child of the Enlightenment. Vicious as it was, at least some of the ideas sounded nice. The results were horrific; engineered famines, mass graves, prison camps, and bone piles. But equality and solidarity were the rallying cries. It was an irresistible siren song for some well-meaning fools.
Fascism, though, is another matter. It isn’t a bastard child of the liberal Enlightenment. It is deliberately anti-Enlightenment. Freedom, equality, and global solidarity are hardly the talking points. It is explicitly belligerent and genocidal. Look at the Baath Party and its racist ethnic cleansing campaign against Jews and Shiites and Kurds. Look at the Islamists and their brutal persecution of secularists and “infidels,” their perverse dream of a global Islamic Inquisition. They would put the Jews to the sword. They promise to turn the United States into a sea of deadly radiation. They throw acid in the faces of unveiled women. The Baathists massacred ethnic minorities with chemical weapons. They fed dissidents into tree shredders.
These are the people for whom the anti-war organizers express their “unconditional support.”
This isn’t Marxism. It’s not a “good cause” gone bad. It’s fascism all over again with Islamic characteristics.
The hindsight of history gave old Communists some slack, so long as they didn’t commit atrocities themselves. Supporters of European fascism didn’t get off so easy. They are unsparingly damned by history.
Supporters of Middle Eastern fascism may find a similar terrible judgement awaiting them in the future. Those in the West are the 21st Century’s skinheads.
POSTSCRIPT: Let me clear up any potential misunderstanding in advance. I am referring specifically to the rally organizers at ANSWER, not to every person who shows up to protest or who opposes the war.
UPDATE: Yesterday the “resistance” carried out a terrorist massacre against aid workers in Baghdad. An ambulance was loaded up with a car bomb and then detonated in front of the International Red Cross. This is what International ANSWER supports unconditionally.

UPDATE: Some peace activists agree with me.