Faster, Please!

Multicultural Jew-Hatred: Failed Ideologies Bond Over Scapegoating

Yes, the radical Islamists and their allies, the radical Leftists, hate Jews and Americans. Bernard Lewis wrote a masterpiece about it entitled What Went Wrong?, explaining that the Middle Eastern Islamic world constitutes one vast area of failure. Unwilling or incapable of taking the blame for this epic failure, they blamed it on the West — above all, on the United States and the Jews. Ironically, they imported these doctrines from the West they hate.

As Martin Kramer says, if there had been Nobel prizes a thousand years ago, almost all of them would have gone to Muslims. Today you can count them on the fingers of one mutilated hand, and those were invariably trained at Oxford or Cal Tech. Most Nobel laureates, above all in the hard sciences, are Americans (or trained or worked in America), and a spectacular percentage of those are Jewish. As of 2017, 22.5 percent of Nobel winners were Jews, out of a global population of 0.2 percent. The anti-Semites hate that, taking it as evidence of the power of the Jewish conspiracy.

The Islamic peoples have earned their low standing. Between the late Ninth Century to the beginning of the 20th Century — a thousand years — fewer books were translated from foreign languages to Arabic than were translated into Spanish in Spain alone. No wonder they are so prone to crazy theories about us.

Moreover, their countries are for the most part despotic failures, while Israel and the United States are bursting with freedom, energy and creativity (and good food). The Muslims know this, and of late some of their leaders have finally begun to work with Israel, and increased cooperation with America. They know that they have invariably been defeated by Israel and America in every armed conflict, whether in the Six-Day War, the Yom Kippur War, the fight against ISIS, the war in Iraq, or on the Afghanistan battlefield.

Our superiority enrages them, as does our refusal to convert to Islam, just as our refusal to convert to Christianity fueled so much Jew-hatred throughout the centuries.

This Islamist anti-Semitism fits well with the secular version long peddled by a significant segment of the Arab, Iranian, and Western Left. Not for nothing has anti-Semitism been excoriated as “the socialism of fools.” Many contemporary anti-Semites have managed to combine both versions, echoing the rhetoric of the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Few of our leaders and pundits know that the Ayatollah Khomeini worked closely with Iranian Communists to overthrow the shah, or that modern jihadis learned a lot from the Soviets. As Laurent Muraviec puts it in The Mind of Jihad:

In the amalgamation of Bolshevism with jihad that turned out to be so crucial to modern jihad, this was crucial training the Arabs in Soviet-style politics.

We can see the same Communist hand at work in the structure of ISIS, and some perspicacious German analysts have noted the similarity between the Islamic State and STASI-run East Germany.

It is no surprise, therefore, to find leftist Jew-haters in America today working hand-in-glove with radical Muslims. Nor is it surprising that right-wing anti-Semites like David Duke and Louis Farrakhan are now praising AOC and Ilhan Omar and the rest of them. Muslim anti-Semites learned a lot from the Nazi racists, after all, and Jew-hatred binds together all colors of radicals.

You might call it multicultural Jew-hatred.