A New Grouping of Nations Forming in the Middle East

Can it get even worse?  Hell yes, just watch.  In the next week or so, I expect Iran, Iraq and Syria to formalize a cooperative federation.  The signing will be in Tehran, and Hezbollah will bless the arrangement.
Why this and why now?  The “why this?” is easy; it’s the way things really are, the regional piece of the global alliance waging war against us.  The “why now?” is explained by the latest Obama/Kerry collapse, that delays enforcement of inspections in Iran and promises speedier lifting of sanctions.
What does it mean?
Just ask the Saudis and the Jordanians.  It advances Hezbollah and the Revolutionary Guards to another border, so that Nasrullah and Suleimani cam fulfill Khamenei’s fatwa, ordering the destruction of the Saudi royal family, and advancing Tehran’s strategic objective of bringing down the Hashemite monarchy in Amman.
Yes it’s a real war.  Never mind the negotiating points, we must win the larger war.  Or we will lose it.  If this president wanted to lose, it’s hard to imagine he would behave differently.



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