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Was Benghazi a Honey Pot Trap?

I knew there was something missing from the Benghazi story, something fundamental that had thus far escaped my attention. Not that the questions being asked by the hundreds of Special Forces guys aren't important. I, too, want to know why--if this is accurate--we didn't have military forces ready to move in. I, too, want to know why the top political figures--the president and the secretaries of state and defense (Obama, Hillary and Panetta)--were so clearly disinclined to take action. That whole phony charade about the "video" bespeaks an effort to get the world to focus on the wrong thing. The blatant, almost compulsive lack of a sense of urgency upsets me no end. OK. But I was still trying to understand what had happened, and I wasn't making great progress. I needed help. And so, as I often do in such circumstances, I dragged out the ouija board, checked the wiring and the batteries, and switched it on. Amazingly, it worked immediately, and I was once again talking to the lively spirit of James Jesus Angleton, who once upon a time headed up CIA counterintelligence.

ML: "Wow, it worked first time."

JJA: "Lucky me. I was napping." (Sound of Zippo lighter clicking shut).

ML: "I'm sorry! What time is it there?"

JJA: "We don't have time here, it's eternal, you know."

I tried to think of something witty to say, but it didn't work.

JJA: "That whole night and day thing, it doesn't apply. Darkness and light were separated on earth, after all..."

ML: "Right. Part of creation."

JJA: "Exactly. So what's on your mind?"

ML: "Benghazi. It doesn't parse, somehow."

JJA: "What's the problem? Just begin at the beginning, you'll get it..."

ML: "What's the beginning? When the attack starts? When Ambassador Stevens asks for better security? With one of the intelligence reports or warnings? When?"

JJA: "That's all scene-setting. It begins with Stevens going to Benghazi."

ML: "Okay, he goes to Benghazi, where he'd been many times before."

JJA: "Stop!"

ML: "Huh?"

JJA: ."..many times before. Why?"

ML: "Well there's a widely repeated theory that he was organizing clandestine arms shipments from Libya to the Syrian opposition forces, but I don't believe it."

JJA: "No, no, go back further. Before they made him ambassador. The whole Libya thing, the overthrow of Qaddafi. The Libyan opposition was based in Benghazi, right? We intervened to save the people in Benghazi, right?"

ML: "Yeah, so what?"

JJA: "Stevens was a key intermediary during that period, wasn't he? He sneaked into Benghazi on a Greek cargo ship and established contact with the anti-Qaddafi forces."

ML: "He was a hero to the post-Qadaffi rulers. They loved him in Benghazi."

JJA: "Well said!"

ML: "What did I say?"

JJA: "You said they loved him."

ML: "Did I say the magic word? Is Groucho going to give me a hundred dollars?"

JJA: "I didn't realize you were that old" (coughs, chuckles, coughs again). "Yes, the magic word is 'love' and according to my sources, it's the key to the operation."